Exercise to boost your Metabolism

There are a number of critical factors which affect your metabolism. In particular diet, exercise and lifestyle are all areas where modifications can help boost your metabolic rate. In this article I will discuss how to implement a metabolism boosting exercise plan and the additional gains from maintaining such a plan.

Exercise is a great way to boost your metabolism because it burns calories both immediately and also keeps burning them in the long term. The actual act of exercising will burn calories and over time your body will adapt to your exercise regime and burn an increased number of calories overall. Exercise can be split into two types both of which assist your metabolism in different ways.

1) CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE:- Cardiovascular exercises include; cycling, running and swimming. Alternatively, you can try a sport such as football or tennis. Basically, anything which gets you moving and gets your heart pumping can be classed as cardiovascular exercise. You need to participate in something which is enjoyable and stimulating. Cardiovascular exercise helps boost your metabolism by teaching your body to burn fat whilst exercising and over time whilst resting aswell.

2) WEIGHT TRAINING:- Weight training includes; chest presses, shoulder presses and lateral pulldowns. Basically, anything which involves lifting relatively heavy weights for 8-12 repetitions in order to build muscle mass can be classified as weight training. With weight training you need to be a little more careful than with cardiovascular exercise because there is an increased risk of injury. Start with weights that you are happy with then increase them slowly. If you are unsure about anything ask for advice from one of the trainers in the gym.

The actual act of weight training burns few calories (in comparison with cardiovascular exercsie). However, weight training will lead to an increased muscle mass over time and maintaining your muscles will burn an increased amount of calories in the long term. You must be aware that the additional calories that you will burn as a result of having bigger muscles will not be substantial. Therefore, you need to make sure you combine your weight training with cardiovascular exercise to achieve the best results.

Ideally, you should try and train three or more times per week with each session consisting of an equal mixture of cardiovascular exercise and weight training. If you have time to do more then that’s great but try to make sure you perform at least three hours training per week. As I stated above, if you are having difficulties with any areas of your training visit the closest fitness centre and discuss these difficulties with one of the trainers. Tell them what you are trying to achieve with your exercise program and they should be able to set you on your way.

Apart from metabolism boosting benefits there are a number of other advantages you will begin to notice from an improved exercise regime. These include;

1) INCREASED ENERGY LEVELS:- The strength of your heart will increase as a result of the increased cardiovascular exercise. As your heart develops it will be able to pump a greater volume of blood through the body, sending energy to where it is needed.

2) IMPROVED APPEARANCE:- As you lose fat and gain muscle the overall appearance of your body will improve. Exercise will give your body a more toned, defined appearance.

3) IMPROVED OVERALL HEALTH:- Regular exercise is believed to reduce the symptoms associated with arthiritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. It can also get your body’s organs working more effectively and improve your overall physical strength and power.

4) IMPROVED MENTAL HEALTH:- Apart from physical benefits exercise is thought to improve mental health also. There are a number of theories behind this. Some believe exercise allows you to empty your mind and focus. Others believe the discipline associated with exercise helps you organise your mind. Physical exercise is also believed to trigger the release of chemicals which lead to a happy, elevated state of mind.

Overall, exercise is a really important factor in improving your metabolic rate. Physical activity can increase the number of calories you burn at the time of performance and also lead to an increased number of calories being burned in the future. Furthermore, the related benefits really make it something that you should try. Have a look at your daily routine, see where you can implement some cardiovascular exercise and weight training then stick at it for a few weeks. You will start to notice a boost in your metabolism and more.