Excellent Conversation Questions: 5 Questions That Keep The Conversation Going And Interesting

People are always on the lookout for good conversationalists. You might not think yourself as a very eloquent person; but by asking excellent conversation questions, no one will be the wise.

Excellent conversation questions keep the energy going. Without it, there will only be awkward silence – something you do not really want to experience. To help give you some ideas on what to ask, here are some examples.

1) Where are you from?

Asking about a person’s hometown makes for an excellent conversation question because it leads to all sorts of ideas and speculations.

You have a lot of opportunities to ask follow-up questions about the hometown and its attractions. If you have a relative living around the area, you can bring it up during the conversation as well.

2) What is your favorite film of all time?

Asking this question allows you to share your own favorite films. It’s always easier to talk about things which are not serious and are truly of your interest. From movies, you can also move on to other related issues like celebrities or literature.

3) Have you heard about…?

A good conversationalist is always updated on current events. If you wish to have excellent conversation questions readily available, then brush up on politics and entertainment. These are the two branches which capture the most attention. Having an opinion doesn’t hurt either.

4) Do you know…?

Asking about mutual friends also helps people warm up to you. Of course, make sure you ask about mutual friends in a polite and friendly manner. No reason to scare the person into thinking that you’re targeting one of his or her friends.

5) Where did you get that?

If the person you’re talking to has something interesting on his or her arm or is wearing an accessory, then you’re in luck. Another one of many excellent conversation questions is asking about what a person is wearing, holding or using. Showing interest in what they have helps make the conversation warmer and more interesting.

There are a lot of excellent conversation questions you can ask another person. All it takes is a little bit of quick thinking and keen observation, and you’ll have no problem keeping the exchange going.