Examine Your Character in Your Organization – Nu Leadership Series

In the past a leader was a boss. Today’s leaders must be partners with their people… they no longer can lead solely based on positional power.
Ken Blanchard

Why is it so important that employees have the right values in an organization? Many organizations do not discuss the character criteria for hiring. However, character does count. Some employees and their organizations are a bad match. Is it possible that there was no value alignment with the organization when they were hired? Another possibility could be that the organization has not clearly identified their values or are not practicing these values in making decisions.”

My counterpoint is why would any rational organization allow employees with contradicting values into its organization? I assert that organizations are operating in what I call Pharisee Hypocrisy. Many organizations don’t care about individual values unless they become a noticeable problem.

Some organizations will accept bad behavior from their high-performance managers as long as they produce. However, they place a heavy burden on lower ranking employees to carry the ethical cross. Clearly, this is organizational madness. Fortunately, society is calling for higher ethical standards from American leaders. Employees also have new expectations. Therefore, employees expect managers to have a high degree of integrity and to “walk the talk.”

Conversely, employees, once embedded in the organizations should evaluate how their organizations model high moral conduct. If this is not the case, employees should have a personal responsibility to accept this unethical environment, attempt to make changes, or move on to another organization.


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