Evolution Through Chaos and Change

Although “New Age” is very young in its reality, it was and still is a major catalyst in the development and evolution of mankind. It has been instrumental in moving humanity from the dark ages of religion to a more enlightened awareness of mankind to its creator. But “New Age,” as religion and dinosaurs must make way for the mammals and new growth.

Three months ago I was asked to develop a training program for our department at work. I was also asked to upgrade our existing sales Reps and the new sales people coming into the company; new products required this change. This change is timely and has manifested itself in a time of change and chaos.

People by nature do not like change and it is upsetting for many. Chaos is the mark of change. Today companies are struggling to survive and some are disappearing. Jobs are being lost as companies restructure and lay off their employees. Change is occurring everywhere and none are immune from it. But, change is an opportunity for growth. As the dinosaurs (old established corporations) are replaced by young, hungry companies and workers; the changes will be viewed as beneficial by future generations.

The change that is occurring now is not about companies, countries or people. It is about relationships; relationships are changing. All things in the physical world are about relationships between one thing or another-people, places and things. There is nothing that is impervious to change-it is the one and only constant in the universe.

A major change will occur in this century and within the next few years. For those who are more sensitive to these changes; you are already feeling them at home, and in personal relationships outside the home and at work.

I have been feeling restless for several years knowing that something is happening, but not being able to put my finger on it. I have written and published internationally, two books as well as more than 500 articles on “New Age” which are distributed worldwide over the internet.

Three months ago when I received my promotion to trainer, I stopped writing. I have ignored my web sites and isolated myself from my own writing. The truth is I have moved on or matured past them.

Everything is as an echo in a pail. You write, you talk, you teach and it keeps coming back to you. It’s no longer going anywhere, and I have to look at it for what it is; it’s a step that is completed and my right foot is already in motion, ready to move forward.

The awareness that “New Age” has brought forward was that “we are all one”, that we are the creator of all that we experience. There is no “God Like” creator sitting in a place called Heaven; Angry, Vengeful, Punishing or even Benevolent. There is no chosen few and all are equal and connected.

Although “New Age” may be the stepping stone that takes us to the next realm of existence, it is still extremely limited in its scope or understanding of where the next step will take us or what it actually is.

Language is the greatest hindrance to understanding when we try to teach or pass on our awareness. “New Age” still uses religious terms to identify with the listener and move him to a new awareness. However, the words that we use tell others where we are, and they limit us. In an effort not to alienate ourselves, we use language to bridge the gap. But the language can never fully explain what the change will actually be. The change can best be experienced as a feeling where no words are spoken. You cannot explain the taste of chocolate; it must be experienced.

As “New Age’ writers, we can only image what the next experience will be. In my experience, our current vision of an afterlife or passing, only goes as far as the next emanation. We are far greater than what “Religion” or “New Age” has taught us and we are not limited in any way. The next great step in evolution will not be as humble as we have experienced over our sojourn on this planet. There are infinite realms of existence, but only one consciousness.

Although we may choose to remain in the next realm just for the experience; we will consciously become aware of our choice and our alternatives to other existences. But the real purpose of what we will experience will not actually be appreciated until we discover our true nature; no matter how many realms we experience. No matter how many times we live and die. As long as we keep passing responsibility for our existence on to someone or something else, we will never know our true nature. We will never know ourselves as “life” as the only thing that really exists; but as an effect or consequence of it.

“New Age” may correctly assume the essence of our true nature, but in itself it does not own up and say exactly what it is. It has not yet reached a comfortable place in time where it can give its final declaration-that it is properly “this” or “that.” Very much like religion, it does not take you to your final resting place-it is just another step on an endless path of awareness. However, the two are not mutually exclusive, and as beings of consciousness we can be aware of our true nature and choose not to experience it, as we have done for time immortal. We can experience the one, experiencing all other things and nothing at the same time. Within that awareness is the experience of being eternal and perpetual.

To experience the unlimited experience of being, we must include in our awareness the one that is really experiencing; the observer as well as the observed. Without the full knowledge or experience of both at the very least, it is an unfulfilled experience. To be aware of being asleep you must experience both being awake and asleep at the same time. At that time you will know the true experience of your conscious thought.

To be alive and to have the convenience of forgetting what we were before or what are true nature is, is not the full experience of self realization or recreation. The full nature is to know both simultaneously. Only at that time can we appreciate our true nature.

The relational changes that we are currently feeling will eventually manifest into an awareness of true consciousness.

It’s not the end of anything, but the beginning of an awareness of consciousness, experiencing. Because time does not really exist: all things shall remain in the collective consciousness as experienced or being experienced. Our awareness of ourselves is a product of the process of the manifestation of consciousness that we incorrectly assume is outside ourselves. We are neither the beginning nor the end. We are the process itself-we are consciousness in motion.

We are consciousness watching ourselves in a mirror watching ourselves in a mirror. Every thought we have manifested into action is reflected back to us. We are the observer and the observed existing in the same time and space-there is nothing else.

Our true nature does not evolve; it is static. It is within the awareness of knowing itself, that it experiences evolution. It is very much like a baby that discovers its fingers, toes and other body parts. It understands itself as complete in its own experience. It forgets its true identity as spirit or consciousness in body form, and assumes a temporary physical experience with purpose. But once again, this is not a complete experience. The complete experience would be within an awareness of all things imagined.