Evolution-The Project e-Play Code Of Three Major Web Trends

In a world where there is constant change, integrated information, and continuous upgrades in technology, the world in which we live seems to be getting smaller and smaller every second of every day.

Or is it?

Due to our consistant technological graduations, society as a whole no longer depends on just one major screen for communication. We’ve graduated from the TV screen to the laptop, PC, ipod, and cell phone screens. Better yet, as we move forward into constant technological upgrades, we find ourselves standing on an integrated platform of multi-media screens.

This is evidence that we have completely graduated from an informational age into a communicational era. This graduation has created our current evolution, the phenomena of an increasing digital society. Today, each individual has multiple opportunities of making their personal world much bigger than they could have ever imagined. The average Westerner today has more friends than two years ago. This expansion in friendships can clearly be attributed to the digital rise of social networking sites and the ease of communication such as email, instant messaging, blogs, and integrated platform of multi-media screens.

Social networking has clearly grown into a mega-giant in the internet world. It has become an arena for individuals or organizations to blend with one another with ideas, interests, values, financial exchanges, or just simply friendships.

People today, more than ever before, have a digital thirst to participate and communicate with one another through social networking communities. This movement is completely evident in the increasing population of social networks like YouTube and MySpace. Today, when you take a serious look at MySpace, it is clearly obvious that its massive population is large enough to form its own country. What is more interesting about this movement is that it is still heading towards exponential growth. For anyone willing to enhance their online game experience , primarily serious entrepreneurs and online game players, on the social networking growth will be greatly rewarded for doing so.

To illustrate an example of an unheard-of growth opportunity, the online game sector is gaining incredible momentum within the internet. The ability to challenge, play, and test personal online game skills with anyone in the world, will catch on fire amongst the social networking arenas. The digital code for this trend will be completely viral and will be boosted by a massive explosion of digital thirst amongst current and upcoming social networks. Virtual World Direct recognizes that the interactive nature of Social Networking sites keeps visitors coming back again and again. If you try to monetize this market of people wanting to have fun playing online games as well as having their own web space/blog and being able to talk to each other live, the potential is staggering. Well, that is exactly what you will have.

For savvy entrepreneurs and online game players, this will be one of today’s modern gold rush.

As a matter of fact, a European Internet Analyst, Alex Burmaster, Nielsen/NetRatings (a global leader in Internet media and market research) said, “Take the fact that the online games sector is growing at four times the rate of overall Internet growth together with the increasing numbers online and it is easy to see why companies such as MTV Networks are looking to get a piece of the action.”

Now let’s stop right there. Imagine for a second, a current online sector that is rapidly growing four times faster that the internet! To give you an idea of what that means and to really put it into context, recent figures from analyst firm DFC Intelligence said that the worldwide online games market is forecasted to grow from $3.4 billion USD in 2005 to over $13 billion USD in 2011.

Currently, the online skill game market has a worth of approximately $5.2 billion USD. That easily equates to a worth of $164 USD per second, and in the next 156 weeks is expected to grow to $412 USD per second of every minute of every day, and growing.

These numbers cannot be ignored.

As an entrepreneur, and/or online game player, the timing couldn’t have been any better to position yourself in front of a market that is expected to grow to a worth of $412 every second.

The beauty about this rare movement is the timing and the massive crave that can be created purely from the digital thirst of challenging friends and contacts to games, all in the mix of social networking.

Now imagine being able to be part of this powerful medium, and even better, use it to fuel your new online skill games and entertainment experience. To illustrate the appeal of this industry, Internet CafĂ©’s derive 30-40% of their revenue from people playing games online. The focus on online skill games is growing immensely throughout the world, the virtual world.

Well, imagine no more. eVolution has stepped up to the plate and is bringing the online game sector to serious entrepreneurs and online game players who want to play games, get paid, and have fun in the process. The digital code has been cracked to the online game sector, social networking communities, and social marketing/network marketing 2.0 industries.

The Project that consists of fun, entertainment, social networking, and online game challenging will be the e-play code of a colossal digital society.