Everything Included

Because we live on the earth – we think in terms of physical reality. In physical reality we deem that everything is separate from everything else. The tree is separate from the ground in which its roots dig deep. The car is separate from the road on which its wheels run and the plane is separate from the sky in which it flies.

Along with this understanding we also believe that besides everything being separate and individual – we also believe that reality is something that we live in.

I am here to share something different with you. Think of it as looking at things from a different perspective. The catchphrase of the nineties think outside the box applies to you.

My understanding is that God – Universe – Source – whatever name you give it – Father Mother God of All That Is – encompasses all things negative and positive.

In fact, let’s cut to the chase – Source is all things, hence the name Father Mother God of All That Is or All That Is. This means all things, negative and positive.

As we grow spiritually ideally our consciousness expands and embraces deeper understandings. In truth, enlightenment, as some call it, is actually inclusive rather than exclusive.

So when your consciousness expands and you develop greater insight – you learn to understand that ALL THINGS are included in spirit and that there is no thing outside of spirit.

The funny thing of it is – today’s religions teach you the exact OPPOSITE of that. Religion gets EXCLUSIVE, not inclusive.

Even science and quantum physics has this figured out.

Since everything is Spirit and nothing exists outside of it – why do things appear divided or separate? Because we live on the earth plane, the plane of duality, the plane of negative and positive.

We experience Source, Spirit, or Universe in aspects of negative and positive and because of that we have learned to judge things as good or bad.

Understand that everything is good – even when it is bad.

The second aspect to this thought is that we don’t exist IN physical reality, physical reality exists IN us.

Remember that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience – not a physical being having a spiritual experience.

So if physical reality exists in you – then when you judge things as good or bad, you are only judging yourself.

You may look at someone who comes into your world and think that they are bad because of something they did – but you are only casting judgment upon yourself because you are the one experiencing the moment, no-one else. The judgment exists INSIDE of you – not outside – no matter how hard you try to place it there.


Because there really is no such thing as outside of you.

Everything you deem outside of you is felt, experienced, touched, tasted, heard, seen or smelt, correct? Tell me – who is doing the touching, tasting, hearing, seeing, smelling or feeling? It’s not happening outside of you, regardless of your perception.

You are the one perceiving. And thus the one experiencing.

As we are created in the image of Source, so we are like Source – everything is included.

So if you are having trouble manifesting those things that you truly desire – think about your world and how you interact with it. Are you sending love to everything you see? Why not? You are only seeing yourself when you look out from those two eyes across the bridge of your nose.

Is everyone and everything included or excluded?

If you are excluding – you are rejecting – you are resisting. Resistance keeps us from having all that we desire.

Start practicing gratitude and thankfulness for all that is in your world – even what you consider the bad stuff.

Once you know who you are, there is nothing that can stop you from anything you desire but you.

Get in touch with Source however you need to. Pay reverence however you need to.

Listen to your inner voice – it will guide you where you need to go.

And learn to see the gifts the universe gives you.

You will find out how truly wealthy you really are.

© Laurie J. Brenner All Rights Reserved