Everyone Should Be Able To Afford Hypnotherapy

This is what two of the leading figures in the world of personal development believe. Richard MacKenzie and Terry Doherty got together to create a great new site which is already helping thousands of people all over the world and all for just the price of a meal.

Richard MacKenzie explains, “Terry Doherty and I have discovered a new way to get the power of hypnosis out there for everyone. After seeing a change in the secular music industry we decided that MP3 downloads where going to be the best approach for us.”

The pair had originally named the product Easytrance, but was later threatened with action by easyGroup which is the company that owns easyJet and is run by the Greek entrepreneur Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

Now aptly named www.double-powered-hypnosis.com the site is achieving massive success with visitors from many countries worldwide each and every day. Terry Doherty said, “We renamed the site ‘Double Powered Hypnosis’ as it actually reflected more of what the product was. When we started designing each download we knew that it had to be something special and most of all – something that worked.”

They created a new approach and used their experience to produce the new MP3 downloads, which can now be purchased from www.double-powered-hypnosis.com

So who are Richard MacKenzie and Terry Doherty?

Richard and Terry first met when they trained in Hypnosis together some years back. It soon became apparent they both had flair and an immediate understanding of the powerful technology of Hypnosis. In line with this they were naturally drawn together finding their passion for hypnosis in common.

Today they both have thriving practices and are in constant demand from clients wishing to make significant changes in their lives and also the business community. They are now pleased to be able to make available their double powered hypnotic recordings which are changing lives around the world – www.double-powered-hypnosis.com

Richard MacKenzie’s success spreads far and wide in the world of Personal Development and Hypnotherapy, and he ensures his clients are advantaged by his vast wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of Self-Change.

Richard gained much public exposure with the release of his book, SELF-CHANGE Hypnosis – http://www.richardmackenzie.co.uk/ebook-self-change_hypnosis.htm – which is a complete guide to Self Hypnosis. Over and over again, he has personally helped many people in top and influential positions to realize their potential and to reach for even greater goals! Richard’s work regularly takes him to all parts of Europe; however he never tires as long as he sees his profession and his clients developing.

Richard’s main clinic is run in Witney, Oxfordshire, which is right on the edge of the Cotswolds in the UK. Apart from getting outstanding results for his clients with the use of his knowledge in Hypnosis, Richard is also highly experienced in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique also having a passion to truly inspire his clients in the techniques that he has developed in Self-Change Hypnosis to ensure miraculous results! – www.richardmackenzie.co.uk

Terry Doherty has been increasingly gaining an international reputation for outstanding results in the use of therapeutic practice working both with individual clients and corporate businesses. Terry has trained in both Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and in advanced hypnotherapy

Terry is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register. He is also a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists in America (the largest and oldest hypnosis organisation in the world). In addition he is a licensed Master practitioner of NLP.

Terry is passionate about his work and is committed in helping clients obtain their goals and indeed their passion in life. Terry is continuing to train and hone his skills in NLP and Hypnotherapy in an array of life change techniques and tools including Stress management, Weight Management, Confidence, smoking cessation and Motivation among others. These learnings are from leaders in their field and include – Richard Bandler (creator of NLP) and well known international Hypnotist Gil Boyne.

Terry Doherty’s business career prior to Hypnotherapy, has been mainly within business publishing managing sales teams providing marketing and advertising services, he rose to be the top salesperson within his last company surpassing all previous sales records and launching a series of new events and products.

Terry currently practices in High Wycombe, Marlow Bottom and Harley Street London – www.mind-works.com