Evaluating the Benefits of Purchasing Woodworking Devices Brand new Instead of Pre-Owned

The woodworking equipment you purchase may have a major effect on the level of your woodwork, along with the functioning expenditure of your organization. With these points in mind, many wood workers find themselves faced with a difficult choice: might they utilize new or pre-owned carpentry machinery? The benefits of pre-owned devices are acknowledged, yet the benefits of purchasing brand new ones aren’t. In the event you are not certain whether they should buy carpentry machines used or new, underneath are 6 good reasons to consider buying them new:

Reselling Benefit

Though you normally do not buy a brand-new machine with the thought of selling it, the time will come when the equipment’s reselling value may help you purchase the next machine. If you’re purchasing a professional level machine, purchasing it used should decrease the cost, but it may also reduce and sometimes stop the chance of reselling it later on.

Restoration Expenditure

If you owned them for equal amounts of time, a new device would cost you less than a pre-owned one for a distinct reason: the initial 365 days of maintenance will be covered within a parts/labor agreement through the manufacturer. If you buy from any producer who delivers a minumum of one year of no charge parts/labor, a whole new device may cost less in parts and labor than a used one.

Parts Accessibility

Pieces for modern wood working machinery can be obtained speedier than pieces for outdated machinery. Not only do manufacturers keep them in stock, so do organizations which restore woodworking machinery. Obtaining service elements within 24 hours instead of 72 hours could have a big influence over your organization’s revenue, particularly if it does carpentry night and day.

Coaching Moments

Many new devices include excellent coaching resources, like video tutorials, interactive training sessions, and in-house training from the manufacturer. However, numerous used devices are lacking these resources for 2 reasons: few carpenters rely on them, and also their year of development was ahead of the creation of computer or movie based training solutions.

Payroll Expense

Depending on wear and tear, a used unit may result in substantial personnel cost than a new unit. For instance, purchasing three regular table routers instead of a CNC router suggests that you may need three system operators as opposed to merely one. While a commercial level CNC router can perform the job of countless standard routers, you can save profit in terms of payroll.


Although keeping a pre-owned machine well-maintained can help to eliminate repairs and extend its lifespan, the reality is: within a given time frame, new machinery experiences less repairs and also service issues than used machinery. In the event you perform woodwork as a hobby, a machine’s dependability might not be extremely important. However, if woodworking is your job, it matters greatly.


Whether to acquire carpentry units new or pre-owned is a crucial decision. While used machines cost less, and may perform as well as new ones, new machines offer benefits that used ones typically don’t. To discover which woodworking machine best fits your needs, speak to a supplier of recent and used woodworking machinery today.