Ethics term paper

While writing an Ethics term paper, you can’t avoid projecting your personality, your own inner thoughts. You may try your best to be objective and professional and yet some reflection of your own ethical principles will be there in the paper. What is life? It is the bundle of experiences, god or bad. How you have tackled your problems in life? Have you compromised truth to achieve some quick ends? These are all issues concerning your ethical term paper. If a problem or situation is posed before you as for the subject of your ethical term paper, your first instinct is—how I would have reacted under similar circumstances?

Do right things at the write time applying the right procedures. Your actions should not cause pain, the intentional pain to others. You can not apply the same ethical principles to every individual. I give the examples of an interesting conversation between two friends:

Friend 1: Friend, curtail your smoking habit. You have become a chain smoker now. You know, every cigarette has an adverse effect on your life.

Friend 2: How do you say that? Winston Churchill was a chain smoker and yet he lived for ninety one long years.

Friend1. But for his smoking, he would have lived for many more years!

Friend 2. ..which he should not have!

When you are tied down to particular principles, you go out of the way to defend them. You ignore the truth, and you have a counter argument for every argument. You refuse to budge from your stated position. All such thoughts will reflect in your Ethics term paper if you are an inflexible individual and you don’t believe in giving accommodation to the view points of the other.

When you begin to write an Ethics term paper, to make it effective, you have to create a reality situation in your mind, unless you have the experience of facing similar situations. Whenever you proceed to act, two forces within you give opinions. The Divine Force and the Satanic force. Your discrimination needs to play the part here, to select between the good and the bad. Your upbringing, education that has been imparted to you, and your judgment in the circumstances of the cases, ultimately make the contents of your Ethics term paper.

Once you are settled in the mind about the style and contents of your Ethical term paper, don’t stray and create avoidable controversies. Present your arguments in a forthright manner yet without an element of harshness. Howsoever strong you may feel, give room for the opposite views. You need to develop your arguments in such a manner that the reader nods your view points not with reluctance but with acceptance.

Support your statements with concrete examples, with the aid of research on the subject. Give evidence, don’t simply hypothesize. The works of Immanuel Kant will be of immense help while writing on any subject on Ethics term paper. He has the balanced approach on any subject related to ethics, and he gives equal importance to rights and responsibilities of an individual.