Ethical issues in different organizations

Ethical issues in different organization
A friend of mine was very nervous today because he wasn’t dealt nicely by his manager. The error on his part was that he included another colleague in a specific email correspondence whom his manager didn’t want him to. This lead me pondering over ‘Professional Maturity’ & ‘Ethical Issues in different Organizations’ hence I started re-calling my not so long 10 years professional career to compile the list of issues:

1- Wrong Resource selection (wrong person for the right job) and dropping/ignoring the right one.

2- Favoritism (Nationalism / Languagism)

3- No Appreciation & Encouragement

4- Back biting & Leg pulling

5- Gossips

6- Illogical Promotion

7- Non-uniform task assignment to employee.

8- Mismanagement in Training & Skill polishing

9- Rough and tough behavior by managers in case of mistakes.

Here is some recommendations which need to be implemented for the corrective and preventive remedies:

this article written by Junaid (mjunaidtahir at gmail dot com) feel free to comment.

– Ethical help lines should be available in companies. The process has to be completely neutral & private.

– Managerial level audits should be done by neutral staff in order to ensure that staff is treated neutrally and irrespective of favoritism.

– Mature employees should keep ‘sniffing’ the bad air in office in terms of gossips & backbiting and report to the relevant management for corrective and preventive measures.

– Reward & talent recognition system needs to be transparent.

– Promotions to be done based on actual Talent.

What are your thoughts on managing the ethical issues in offices?

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