Eric Worre – MLM Professional, Training Guru, and Leaer

A Brief History Of Eric Worre

I first met Eric Worre in 2005, in what later turned out to be my first successful Network Marketing experience. Eric was one of the ‘Big Three’ leaders in the company I was involved with him in.

Eric always was an interesting leader to me, he has a really unique way of doing business. On the stage of major conventions, Eric tends to ask questions an listen more than he speaks. Eric is the master interviewer, asking questions, clarifying discussion, and bringing the finer points of MLM prosperity to light.

Eric is a great example, and it would be a good idea to learn from him as much as possible.

What are the specific techniques used by Eric to build his team?

Eric teaches the traditional approach to MLM: 3 way calls, home meetings, hotel meetings, and weekend conferences. Getting Eric to talk about anything but absolute basics is an uphill battle.

He won’t do it. In fact, I don’t know if he would remember this, but I heard him talking one day about how he keeps things ridiculously simple, and so I was around him later that day at a training convention, and I questioned him, attempting my best to get him to be complicated. Eric just wouldn’t complicate anything, no matter how hard I tried.

One of the most important things I learned from Eric was to keep it simple, even when it’s tough. Before I met Eric, my business trainers were probably the most complicated people in the world of Network Marketing. (Which made me one frustrated networker)…

Now, Do Mr. Worre’s strategies work for everyone?

I think that Eric would be the first to admit that they don’t. In fact, humble MLM leaders in the 21st century are quick to admit that every system isn’t right for everyone. There are at least 4 different ways of building a Network Marketing company, and thousands of different ways of doing each of the four – and all of them work for different people.

Eric’s system gave me my first success in MLM, getting me over the initial hump of making more than a few thousand dollars a month – and I did it the traditional way through meetings, super saturdays, etc.

If I’m honest, though, it was hard for most people to learn and use Eric’s system. All of us were in our mid 20’s, didn’t have much money, and I had the largest sphere of influence among them (and that wasn’t saying much). Quite simply, if I ever wanted to get my income over $5,000 a month in Eric’s group, I would have had to join the Chamber Of Commerce, go to Church 3X a week, maybe join The Rotary Club, and any other social group I could get involved with where I could meet people who had a larger sphere of influence than my own.

Also, after a while of doing home meetings, hotel meetings, and 3 way calls, I figured out that I simply didn’t like doing them so much. Now I do love speaking, but there was just too much pressure to do weekly events, even when it was less effective than other approaches. I wanted a better way to do things, plain and simple (that I actually enjoyed).

So should you just forget anything that Eric’s ever said? Actually, Mr. Worre’s training system was the first marketing system that ever worked for me in MLM. However, I’m not one to be satisfied with $5,000 a month, and I started looking for a simpler, more effective way to expand my sphere of influence…

…then I found cyperspace. It took me a little while – however I finally discovered the keys to promoting myself online, and that it was simply more powerful, and effective than anything else I could do.

It was an empowering transformation (as you can imagine) when I started having people call me up, begging me to get involved in my business.

So does Mr. Worre’s training work? Absolutely, but there’s no way I would ever build a business like that again. Actually, I wouldn’t care if my income grew five times as fast. I found that it is so much more profoundly attractive, fun, and desireable to learn how to have people calling YOU asking to get in your business..

I would not do things any other way.

However, I’ve experienced the exact opposite. When I started to market myself online, it took me six months to grow my income by more than five times.Toay, I sponsor a ridiculous amount of people into my team every month because of these strategies.