Era of Electronic Effects

This is an era of technical and scientific advancement. Everybody wants to make maximum use of technology. Like all other things, music is also becoming technology oriented. And that is why every musical instrument is getting more and more touch of electronic effects.

Electronic effects are developing the quality of instruments like guitar, synthesizers, drums etc. They are becoming more and more user friendly and powerful and improved sound renders in recent times.

The electronic effects of guitar have given this instrument a good mileage. Acoustic guitar has a pick up system that enhances the sound of the instrument and creates a new tone. This tone is not very much different from the unplugged tone.

But electric guitar has a varied range of such effects. It has got distortion, which has always been the most popular guitar effect. Apart from this, overdrive distortion, crunch, fuzz, hi gain, tremolo, reverb, loop etc are also very popular and useful effects.

These effects offer the guitarist a huge option to improvise and experiment with the sound.

Synthesizers probably contain the maximum scope for electronic effects. Synthesizers have a long list from where you can choose as many effects you want. You can even mix those effects and create an effect of your own. It has got some non-musical effects also like the sound of a baby crying.

It is possible to synthesize a full song now. And to do this, electronic effects are very much important. Without them this job cannot be done.

For drums, you need to look for the electric drums or pads to find this kind of effects. Pads curtail down the set up of acoustic drums. All the effects of an acoustic drum are available in a small pad.

Not only the guitars, synthesizers or drums have these facilities but also some other instruments are offering these effects. Mandolins, violins have started taking this route, but they are not that much satisfying. They still need to be evolved further.

Music is changing slowly. The old form of music has gone. New style is emerging. And in this new era of music, electronic effects are playing a vital role.

Today music has become electrical. Acoustics are slowly losing their ground. Actually with the emergence of rock, pop, hip-hop kind of music genre, it has become necessary to go electric. These kinds of music highly demand electronic effects.

Today people always want something new. They want new songs, new arrangements, and new techniques. And to fulfill their demands, these effects are necessary.
An electronic effect can change a whole song. It can make the song interesting, stylish and trendy. It can even give a very ordinary song a good shape.

It is really true that emergence of such effects has changed the sound of the modern music. Today we can listen to sounds that we have never expected to listen.

Many famous musicians have experimented with these effects and it gave birth to a lot of good music. The band, Pink Floyd probably had used these effects like magicians. So, it can be said that without the electronic effects, today’s music cannot move even an inch.