Equipment Leasing Canada. Reverse The ‘ It’s Not Working ‘ Feeling With Proper Finance Lease S

Equipment leasing in Canada. Is it safe for us to assume you’re potentially feeling you’re in an ‘ unhappy relationship ‘ with this method of financing business assets? The finance lease and related financial solutions are a tremendous way to grow your business properly, if you are in fact in a ‘ good relationship ‘. Let’s dig in.

What then would some of those warning signs be that your asset financing relationship currently isn’t working? Some of them might be as follows –

You don’t understand what works and what doesn’t

Everything seems a little to complex sometimes

You’re not coping successfully with tax/ accounting/credit issues

You don’t know what the other party is in fact offering when it comes to choices

You’re seeking approval but don’t know how to get it

Let’s address some of those issues, in effect mending that relationship that your firm is striving to be successful in.

When it comes to choosing a finance lease the business owner / financial manager needs to assess which type of transaction best suits the asset that your are acquiring . That might be a lease to own type solution, or alternatively an operating lease, in effect a ‘ lease to use ‘. Under that operating lease you have a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to returning the asset, upgrading it, and lowering the overall cost given the asset reverts back to the lessor if you so choose .

While finance and operating leases are the mainstay of business asset financing remember also that you can choose a sale leaseback scenario on assets you already own, bringing in valuable working capital when you need it. Also assets already owned can also be structured under a non- lease transaction, aka a ‘ bridge loan ‘.

While it’s important to understand the tax and accounting and credit implications of equipment leasing in Canada one also has to remember that you’ve got tremendous resources to assist you – that could be your accountant, a lawyer, or business advisor, depending on the complexity of the lease .

Approval for a finance lease transaction has never been quicker than in these modern times. Electronic credit reports allow you and your lessor to exchange key financial documentation needed for approval almost instantly, and credit approvals for your transaction can often take place in a day. Larger transactions might involve meetings with your lessor, or negotiations around rate, terms, and structure.

Our bottom line? Simply that an investment in understanding the how equipment lease finance works and how it can benefit your firm will surely mend that strained relationship you’re feeling when it comes to acquiring assets for your firm.

Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your finance lease needs.