Epoxy Flooring Products – Durable And Attractive

If you tell people that you are installing epoxy flooring products in your new home renovation project you will probably get a blank stare. Although most people will have walked on an epoxy floor at some point not many will be aware of it. Less will actually know what an epoxy floor product is. This article will discuss what epoxy flooring is and why it is a good alternative to traditional flooring such as tiling in areas of your home that get heavily used or may be subjected to lots of dirt or water.

Epoxy is the chemical name for the resulting product when two chemicals are mixed. One acts as a catalyst with the other to form a hard setting sealant. Epoxy resins have many applications in industry where it acts as an adhesive and protects metals from rust and other wear and tear. It was also used to coat floors to give extra protection and durability. This was useful on factory floors, garages and other working areas where heavy work happens. The idea for using epoxy flooring products for residential homes came about when patterns and design were added to the epoxy flooring, making them attractive whilst retaining the durability.

The major attraction of epoxy flooring is it’s durability but it is also relatively inexpensive and easy to install. It is still seen as a flooring surface for commercial buildings. Notably hospitals, schools workshops, garages and office building. Another reason why epoxy flooring is attractive is that it is easy to clean. Epoxy flooring will not absorb water or any other kinds of stains. It is easy to clean up water and stains and leave no markings. Epoxy flooring can now incorporate designs and even logo into the flooring pattern. This can give a unique look to your flooring project.

Epoxy flooring is still mainly used in commercial buildings because of it’s practicality but for home renovation projects it is ideal for areas that may be exposed to the elements. Thus you could coat the outdoor areas of your home in epoxy. It is also useful in a workshop or garage where the chances oil, dirt and moisture may come in contact with the floor. It will be easy to clean and will withstand any of these elements. If you have a home business it may also make sense to put epoxy flooring in your office or in any storage rooms that you have.

Decorative and durable is a hard combination to beat and this is part of the reason why epoxy flooring products are becoming increasingly popular. You will most likely see epoxy flooring in your children’s school or in a hospital. Why not try testing it out. Go for a walk on it and feel the texture of the floor. You will also find that it does not become slippery when liquid comes in contact with it, which is another bonus. Then look on the internet or even a home center for ideas for your next epoxy flooring home project. You my even want to custom design your flooring to feature a logo or coat of arms if you want something truly unique.