Environmental Causes of Insomnia

If you are having a very difficult time sleeping at night whether it is falling asleep or staying asleep, it could very well be that it is environmental factors that are hindering your sleep. Think about your home and where you sleep, what could it be that is waking you up? It could be noise, lighting, and a neighbor’s dog, a busy road by your home, a snoring spouse, and police sirens if you live in the city, and the list goes on and on. Even if you slept through the night, these factors can affect the quality of sleep that you get. Other factors can be temperature that is either too hot or too cold and allergies from environmental factors.

Now if you have found that you are suffering from insomnia and the cause is one of an environmental issue then you are going to have to act to get results and this is something that you might want to address right away. Adjust the temperature in your room if it is too hot or too cool. There are a lot of ways to make your room a very comfortable temperature while still allowing for the comfort of others in the home. If it is too warm, close your vents, you can even cover them with foil if there still seems to be heat escaping into the room. Ceiling fans work great too.

If it is too hot get an air conditioner, even a small window unit will cool off your room. Maybe you do not live in a single family home, you live in an apartment or condo and you are lying awake because of one of your neighbors. You have the right to do something about that, talk to management or talk to your neighbors and have the matter cleared up before you lose anymore rest.

Another environmental factor that contributes to lack of sleep/insomnia is when a new baby is in the home. While many fathers are able to sleep through all of the middle of the night feedings, usually it is the mother who lacks sleep, and lots of it at that. Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do about this. This is one form of insomnia that you will have to just wait to pass.

If bright light is coming into your room from any source that you are uncomfortable with then invest in some room darkening blinds and your room will stay dark as long as you want it to, even in the middle of the day. If it is noise that keeps you awake, find the source and eliminate it, even if it means moving. If you have a spouse that snores a lot or tosses and turns then find out the cause of that problem and eliminate it.

Worst case scenario, you may have to have to get separate rooms. Whatever the cause, if it is environmental, thank your lucky stars that you do not have insomnia in a form that you can not eliminate, as many do.

Source: https://positivearticles.com