Enjoying Maldives Holiday through Music and Dance

The Maldives is one of the world class destinations for a wonderful holiday. However, the island is not only admired for its tropical beauty, it is also famous for its fabulous music and dances. When it comes to an entertainment-filled holiday, the gorgeous islands of the Maldives have so much to offer. Read through and know more about the most popular music dance forms in the Maldives and find out how you could rock and roll during your Maldives holiday!

1. Bodu Beru

The Maldives is known for its rich culture and tradition and the richness in its history flows down through how the people celebrate and enjoy life. One of their most popular ways of celebration is carried out with their most popular form of folk dance and music – the Bodu Beru. This could be enjoyed in the inhabited islands of the Maldives. Visit one of them and participate with the Maldives people as they enthusiastically dance and sing their most favorite folk music.

2. Bolimalaafath Neshun

Watch the Maldivian women dance this famous folk dance as they depict their old tradition of offering presents to their Sultan on different festive occasions like the popular Eid Festival.

3. Bandiyaa Jehun

Many traditional songs and dance forms have died out because of the increasing popularity of Indian and Western pop music. However, the Maldives Island’s Bandiyaa Jehun remained strong and people, not only the Maldivians but also tourists and globe trotters place and recognize its own importance.

4. Dhandi Jehun

Tourists from different countries and of different nationalities become one whenever they see a group of 30 men dances the Maldives Island’s popular dance form – the Dhandi Jehun. This folk dance is popular because its performance varies and style changes and depending on which island the performers perform.

5. Fathigandu Jehun

One of the most popular activities most tourists in the Maldives do after an adventure-filled say in the island is to go to one of the cabarets or bars that stage the popular form of folk music – the Fathigandu Jehun. The Fathigandu Jehun is actually an all-men stage music show and this may only be enjoyed in the evening time.

6. Kadhaa Maali

A lot of tourists visit Kulhudhuffushi in the southern part of Thiladhunmathi atoll just to witness a spectacular performance of Maldivian people as they dance and sing the popular Kadhaa Maali. What is surprising is that nobody knows where and how this traditional folk dance and music started.

7. Gaa Odi Lava

Aside from the beauty that is worth discovering, the Maldives culture and tradition must also be uncovered and one way to do this is to witness how the Maldivians give thanks to their God for a satisfying result of their hard manual work. This is done through their Gaa Odi Lava.

8. Thaara

This popular folk music was introduced to the Maldivians by the Gulf Arabs, one of the first foreigners who appreciated the beauty of the island in the mid 17th century.

9. Langiri

Langiri is an early 20th century performance introduced to the Maldivians during the sovereignty of Sultan Shamsuddin III. Langiri is modified performance to the Maldivian taste giving rise to the popularity of the Langiri performance these days.

The folk dance and music forms mentioned above are just 9 of the many music and dance forms in the Maldives. These are indeed spices to make your Maldives holiday a memorable one!

Source: https://positivearticles.com