Energy at Work

Energy works for you, with you, in you, and as you. In fact, you are energy.

In the workplace, when you enhance your sensitivity to energy you can enhance your experience of empowerment, effectiveness, and efficiency. Energy is synonymous with movement. When energy is blocked, you are less creative and satisfied.

Energy is at work every place, not just in the workplace. Enhancing your awareness of energy assists you in every situation. As your awareness of energy increases, you find an even greater need or desire to be more aware of energy to facilitate the ever-increasing acceleration of creativity and intuition. It is exponential.

You notice energy in your own unique way. The ways available to you include: your five physical senses, your sense of balance, your intuition, and your feelings. I call these “noticing mechanisms” or “channels of perception.” As you notice these noticing mechanisms, they become more efficient and effective. As you notice energy, energy flows in the direction you notice. Your attention expands whatever you are noticing.

You are individually responsible for how you direct this flow of energy, so it is important that you focus on the areas that you consider to be worthy of your attention. What is worthy of one person’s attention is not necessarily worthy of another person’s attention. The world keeps expanding because you view, read, and interpret energy in ways that are different from others. Differences are to be celebrated, not absorbed into sameness.

Have you noticed an increase in activity and creativity in all parts of your life, with more and more of everything? You have more ideas than you can carry out. And so do others! More technology exists than most individuals can comprehend. The Internet connects people from different parts of the world in ways that are not possible through any other medium. With more and more of everything, you must be more discerning about how to invest your energy — at work, at play, at home, in the world.

Reading energy is a powerful skill for helping you to find the products or friends or ideas or travel routes or jobs that are worthy of your attention and/or are more efficient, effective, or empowering. You are reading and interpreting energy all the time, because everything is energy. If you do not think of relating to people, places, things and ideas as reading energy, just open yourself to that possibility. With awareness and practice, you can learning how to read energy more clearly.

Here is a simple approach to reading energy more clearly over time:

1. Set an intention to be more aware of energy. (For example, “I want to be more aware of energy.”)

2. Close your eyes or focus your eyes on a blank wall or paper. (You can practice best with no one around by closing your eyes; if others are present, choose a focal point that minimizes your looking for verbal clues.)

3. Listen inside yourself. (Focus the attention inside yourself for the most effective reading of energy.)

4. Notice how you feel. (Use any or any combination of your noticing mechanisms.)

5. Repeat. (The only way to become really good at reading energy is to practice, practice. practice.)

How are you going to notice and use your energy today? This week? At your next meeting? In the next hour?