Emu Oil – Relief for Skin Problems, Hair Loss, Arthritis Pain, Burns & Bruises

If someone tells you he or she has found an oil that is 100% natural, odour free, nourishes skin, relieves arthritis pain and cures burns & bruises, he/she is talking about emu oil.

Emu is a 6ft tall bird, native to Australia. Oil taken from the fat of this bird has been used by native Australians for several centuries to cure variety of conditions like physical injuries, bruises, swellings, etc.

It is a pain reliever, relieving muscle pain and joint pain. Arthritis patients can find pain relief with application of just 14 days. The active contents of the oil reach deep in the skin and works against inflammations, thereby relieving arthritic pain. The content include linoleic (Omega 6) and linolenic (Omega 3) acids.

It prevents hair loss – alopecia areata. It prevents hair fall, hair split, weak hair, grey hair, early baldness, and psoriasis on the head. For applying on scalp, you need to mix equal parts of emu oil and coconut oil.

Emu oil has the peculiar ability to penetrate all the five epithelial (or skin) layers. This ensures the nutrient content of the oil is deposited deep into the body, with ease.

The pH factor of Emu oil is similar to that of human skin’s, which makes it easier for skin to absorb the nutrients much faster than most ointments. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. The antibacterial properties make it useful while treating cuts and bruises. The anti-inflammatory property makes it an efficient treatment for arthritis related pain.

Its effects on skin diseases and hair fall hold much attention among medical research community. People suffering from such conditions like eczema, psoriasis, etc benefit from its use.

It can be the best sunscreen lotion ever made. However, it is natural and no synthetic manufacturing process is involved. It can not only prevent sunburns, but also cure sunburns and other kinds of burns. It is antibacterial and is good to prevent bacterial infection on your skin and on cuts, bruises, etc.

It is moisturizing and good for human skin. It can prevent wrinkling of skin. It can also provide a bit of suppleness to the skin. The biggest benefit is that, it is non-greasy. It acts fast on skin and gets absorbed quickly. It also doesn’t clog pores. For skin care and dermatology treatments, emu oil is a natural alternative that doesn’t have the side effects and inconveniences associated with several dozens of medicines and ointments.

PS: This article is not written by a healthcare professional and can’t be construed as medical advice.