Empowerment, what does it mean to you? Achieving it is simply developing your abilities to influence events and people around you. Taking control of your life or a particular part of your life where you want to make an impact…

Some individuals may have a sense of it more in a community or global arena. This would be organized empowerment, where they take up arms so to speak to influence a community, a local or national government; maybe address a global issue.

Self empowerment is more intimate; not necessarily organized in the previous examples. It could be something in our lives we want to address, perhaps we think of it more as personal growth.

It might be career driven or even something of a spiritual nature. In the work force you might want to create a new you to feel better about yourself, to reach a new goal. Typically you might embellish your persona and try to play the part.

Personal empowerment is in knowing you are the person you want to be beyond the fa├žade you’ve created. An example of this might be having a desire to move up into management. Sometimes it is the difference between thinking and knowing something about you. For instance you could say to yourself “I think I can manage”; where as if you were empowered you would have the ability to say “I know I can manage”.

Individuals seek empowerment resources for any number of reasons. It could be to seek career advancement; work on a failing relationship; become a better parent; or get out of debt. In medical and psychological cases you might be trying to correct a bad habit; or overcome a learning or medical disability.

Whatever your need, the result will transition you to the place you need to be to address these issues…

Personal Empowerment Is A Real Solution

Unfortunately it might come off as either egocentric or maybe New Age; however it is actually a crucial element to our being. It enables us to stand up for ourselves and others. Through it we can achieve a sense of responsibility and hold ourselves accountable. It is meant to make us better individuals.

The health profession uses personal empowerment in a number of instances. There is a disability or recovery model used to implement personal empowerment. These models are used for individuals with mental illness or individuals recovering from rape or other traumatic stress.

We might not think of empowerment as being an essential part of our being but if we consider our actions and the actions of others it would be obvious to us that it is a part of all beings. We empower our children and family members; we empower our employees. It is a natural nurturing thing to do.

We tell ourselves to eat healthy, exercise, and gain knowledge; but we don’t recognize our actions as personal empowerment. It’s possible you’ve been unaware of this till now. Welcome to the club…