Empowerment Through Conscious Awareness Article Series

Many people don’t understand that as human beings, we have many rights granted us by the Creator. Knowing these rights confers greater power to you. For example, we have the right to know ourselves as love, to know the mysteries of life, to know God from within, and to know our immortality. Furthermore, we have a right to our own beliefs that reflect our unique viewpoint and unique part of the divine, and a right to live in fullness and seek the many blessings of life. These are but a few of the divine rights.1 And all these are RIGHTS, which means that the capacity and the means to express these have also been given to us and that we will be fully supported by the divine universal laws of creation in exercising these rights. Our covenant with the Creator is written in joy, and as we seek our joy in life, there shall we find meaning and our purpose and fulfilment.

Knowing the rights and powers granted to you by the Creator is critical in order to understand your true role in creation, which is what will lead you to a life of fulfilment. Many people feel they are at the effect of life rather than its cause, and don’t understand that their intention and thought energy is powerfully creative of their life experience. Others who do understand they are at cause in life, may not realize that the bulk of their power lies in being the love that they are2 or being in the creative mind as Wallace D. Wattles puts it in this many writings.3

“As your love is, so will you be”. The Master, in Love Without End: Jesus Speaks.

“The power of the universe is in love with you”. John Randolph Price, The Love Book.

Belief in the Divine Rights is fundamental to a person being able to be truly successful and fulfilled in life. You will never become abundant, for example, if beliefs in your basic right to be and to have are not firmly established. You will never individuate and become master of your reality, without the belief in your right to your own beliefs, the right to learn from life, and the right to your own will. Love will always remain elusive and be a painful experience to you without knowing your basic right to love and be loved for who you are. Without belief in these rights firmly in place, all efforts at creating the reality of your dreams will be thwarted.

But when you also realize that the Creator wants you to thrive and that the Kingdom is there for those who will seek it, you will realize a far more empowered state of being. All the intentions of the Creator are programmed and upheld by the many divine universal laws of creation, so when you know your wonderful rights and begin to exercise them, all of creation conspires to move you forward. Offered through this article is the first series, in several to come, of empowerment articles excerpted and adapted from several transformational and enlightenment products developed by Anita Briggs in partnership with healer and visionary Bill Austin.

This article series and others are geared towards awakening far greater conscious awareness of our role as co-creator of our life experience through very practical everyday reality.

This first series of articles will help you establish some new habits that will open you to experiencing the impact your consciousness has at directing your life. The second article series will delve more deeply into the Divine Rights1, the four levels of divine intent built into the universal laws of creation, the power of faith, and seeing Reality from illusion, and developing the habit of seeing the wonderful becoming in everything.

Some of these articles are adapted in part from the Spirituality of Wealth Program, for an upcoming e-course, Manifesting for the Immortal Self. The Spirituality of Wealth Program (SOWP) is a program to develop the consciousness of abundance that elaborates on the book, The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles, which was inspirational to the movie, The Secret. The SOWP teaches about the lofty role of human beings and the principles of co-creation as well as supports awakening to a higher state of consciousness of being as love. The SOWP was developed to expand on the principles presented in the SOGR and offer more background and rationale for them, as well as practical exercises to assist in implementing the principles in daily life. The program is not just informational; it also contains a comprehensive set of transformational exercises and energy clearings to assist you with clearing limiting programming and integrating the principles being taught.

Manifesting for the Immortal Self comprises a series of e-lessons that teach about manifestation from a far larger perspective than simply applications of the Law of Attraction toward getting what you want in life. The series represents advanced teachings of conscious co-creation. While the Law of Attraction gives direction as to the practical how-to of manifestation, it does not provide direction as to what and why to create, or the meaning and purpose for living. The Law of Attraction may be regarded as a lesser law—and there are many— that implements the fundamental intentions of the Creator or Source of Life; but aligning to those fundamental intentions built-in to all the universals laws of creation is where the power of manifestation is to be had. When in alignment to the divine intentions, you don’t have to work the laws per se; the laws will work for you. Manifesting for the Immortal Self awakens a person to the truth of who they are and the possibility of co-creating the eternal, from the love that they are.

First Series of Empowerment Articles

The Power of Words as Manifesting Commands and the 7 Negative Word Habits to Eliminate from your Vocabulary – Consciousness comes first, and conditions follow. Greater conscious awareness and deliberate intention precede changed conditions. Bringing deliberate intention to all levels of creation energies will accelerate your desired manifestation. Words are one of the levels of creation energy–they are powerful commands to the subconscious mind, which is the mind that mobilizes all universal energies into manifestation. Find out how YOUR WORD HABITS can be perpetuating dysfunction in your reality, and learn to change these word habits into positive manifesting commands.

Affirmations for Healing and Honoring Relationships – At any point in time, there are infinite potential realities to experience, and you choose the one to be experienced by your thoughts and intentions–that is the level of power you have at directing your life. This applies to everything, and by your thoughts and intentions, you are continually ‘choosing’ the version of another person that you will interact with. Affirmations for Healing and Honoring Relationships briefly discusses the power of innocent perception at choosing better versions of those we interact with, and has a set of powerful affirmations to begin healing and honoring relationships.

The Power of Gratitude in Conscious Manifestation – Understanding the impact of gratitude energetically will increase your appreciation of the immense importance to cultivate a habit of gratitude. Not only does gratitude bring completion and so accelerates the manifestation process, but also applied to what we don’t want in life, it dissolves inner polarities so that positive changes can be made, and aligns us to positive outcomes like no other energy can. Gratitude is one of the two most important energies in manifestation (the other being Faith), so don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of expressing this energy in life. In fact, developing a habit of continuous deep gratitude is powerfully transformative in so many ways. Miracle healings are had through the application of sincere gratitude, as many who have done the Spirituality of Wealth Program can attest to.

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – The second of the gratitude articles, this one contains powerful gratitude affirmations, based on principles in the previous article. These affirmations will be rendered into triggers that will activate the Affirmation Enhancer Tool for you upon your request.

Clarity and Purpose Part I – The Three Little Known Secrets of Manifestation – Many people new to conscious manifestation make the grave error of energizing desires that are full of neediness and hidden agendas, which simply accelerates the manifestation of more dysfunction in their lives. Find out how to eliminate negative energies from your desires, and to energize the creation of exactly what you want. Knowing the three little known secrets of manifestation will help you understand this critical consideration of conscious manifestation.

Clarity and Purpose Part 2 – Applying Detail and Consistency to Ensure Quick Results – Zeroing in on a specific desire, you will learn the most powerful manner in which to formulate a creation statement, along with an exercise that will make you a vibrational match to your desires.

The Power of Emotional Energy in Accelerated Manifestation – Most people’s thoughts never leave their auric field. Learn two quick and powerful techniques to vitalize your creative thoughts with emotion so they are clearly broadcast to the universe and become deeply embedded in your subconscious mind.

Note: Several of these articles contain affirmations that may be rendered into trigger statements to activate the Affirmation Enhancer Tool, which clears all that stands in the way of integrating an affirmation energetically and awakening to the co-creative power inherent in the divine self. The Tool enables you to embody the energy of the affirmation instantaneously and with increasing belief, at deep levels of being, so that you are a strong vibrational match to your desired creations. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience a truly remarkable Tool of transformation and awakening.

In addition, several of the articles come with a vibrationally encoded image that will help you to clear blocks that may be impeding the energetic integration of the material presented. These assist in accelerating inner transformation. The image responds to the individual and will begin to work in you from your current point of consciousness. As soon as you look at the images the healing and clearing commences. The more frequently and longer time duration that you look at them the more healing and clearing you receive. Once the healing frequencies have been integrated, then looking briefly or even a glance at the images can reinforce them.