Empowerment Thinking: Building a Positive Foundation in the Creation of an Empowering Life

Thoughts, they are the foundation of the creation of what transpires in our lives. Thoughts are defined as an idea, conception, or opinion produced by mental activity. These ideas, conceptions or opinions are then put into action as part of our daily life. It is said we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. These thoughts will either propel us to an enriching future or halt us abruptly giving us a sense of being ‘stuck’. By controlling our thoughts we can control what transpires in our lives.

The first step in building a positive foundation is to have a full understanding of what our needs, values and strengths are. Needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is represented by a pyramid. There are five levels, the first four are what Maslow calls deficiency needs and the fifth level is self-actualization. In order to reach this level the lower basic needs must be met. By satisfying these four levels we will feel minimally satisfied. At this point we feel our life is mediocre, the alarm forcing us out of bed. We wonder is this all there is. Well, I have good news. Our life of personal excellence is just above us in the fifth or final level of the pyramid. By learning a new thought process and implementing tools to maintain this new learned behavior we can stand victorious at the top of this pyramid!

Values are who we are. It is vital to create events throughout our day that are the external expression of these values. This alliance brings a feeling of peace and joy and we feel as if we can accomplish anything. On the opposite end of the spectrum is discontent, lack of initiative and a demised self –respect. These feelings are clear signs that our values are not in alignment with our day to day activities.

We are all born with strengths. If asked, most people will be able to list them. They are the activities we engage in and do naturally with little effort that produces positive outcomes. When we know our strengths and live conducively to them our day to day activities are pleasant and satisfying. It is counterproductive to struggle daily hoping to improve our weaknesses. Instead, delegate that which you are not good at and develop your strengths.

Your body will respond positively to you living conducively to your needs, values and strengths. Stress levels will lower, your energy will peak, your concentration will improve and you’ll be more decisive. As your mind and body work together instead of competing with one another your inner self will come to the forefront and you will feel united. Your inner turmoil will diminish and you will work as you were meant to when you were created; as a whole being, content and joyful impacting those around you in a positive way.