Empowering Questions

Are you feeling stuck or powerless? Do you keep hearing the same problems or issues over and over in your head? Would you like to feel empowered?

As I was counseling clients as a Marriage, Family Therapist, I discovered that if I asked the right questions, men, women, and children often had their own profound answers. I loved watching their facial expressions change from worry to happy as soon as they discovered their inner wisdom.

You can feel empowered when you ask yourself the right questions. The following 15 questions and examples can help you feel good and resolve problems and issues. Notice that they begin with the words, what, how, and who.

I suggest that you read the questions out loud and write down your answer(s). Then plan when you can carry out your solutions. You can resolve problems and issues and feel good. You deserve to feel good. Go for it!

Empowering Questions:

1. What fear is now keeping me from doing what I want to do?

Examples: Fear of the unknown, of not being worthy or good enough, or being bad and not deserving to be happy.

2. How can I now overcome my fear?

Examples: Work with exercises in books or tapes, forgive myself for my wrongdoings, get more information, or seek professional help.

3. Who can I now reach out to for help?

Examples: My parent(s), teachers, relatives, friends, or a counselor.

4. What do I now need to accept in myself and others?

Examples: We are all okay, important, worthy, good enough, lovable, and we deserve to be healthy, happy and successful.

5. What negative thought is now causing me a problem?

Examples: I’m not okay, lovable, important, worthy, good enough, attractive or intelligent.

6. What positive thought will now help me feel better?

Examples: I’m okay even when I blunder. Mistakes offer me opportunities to learn. I can forgive myself and let go of my guilt. I’m okay no matter what people say or do.

7. Who or what do I now need to let go of to be happy?

Examples: My friend, relationship, house, job, guilt, fears.

8. Who do I need to now share my truth with?

Examples: My loving partner, boss, parent, child, friend, or neighbor.

9. What are my choices right now?

Examples: Change my job, ask for a raise, move, tell my truth to my boss or loved one, enroll in a class, write a letter, or seek professional assistance.

10. What is my best option now?

Examples: Tell my truth in a loving way or follow my intuition.

11. How can I now solve this problem with a win-win solution?

Examples: Brainstorm for possible solutions, ask others what they want, and negotiate until everyone feels okay about the agreement.

12. How can I now stimulate my mind?

Examples: Read stimulating books, attend lectures, workshops, classes, or exhibits, visit museums, or talk to interesting people.

13. How can I now love and accept myself more?

Examples: Forgive myself for my mistakes, look in the mirror and say, “I love you!” overcome my negative thoughts, or be more patient with myself.

14. What can I now do to help the environment?

Examples: Use less, recycle, plant a tree, compost, avoid harmful chemicals, or buy products that are kind to the environment.

15. How can I contribute to world peace now?

Examples: Feel more inner peace, be kind to everyone, express more love and caring, solve problems constructively, and support people and organizations that promote world peace, or visualize the world being a peaceful home for all its planetary citizens.