Emotional eating and weight loss

Whenever we face problems in life and whenever circumstances become intolerable we try to find a way to escape from the pain. The problem is that we don’t escape by intention and we are usually even unaware that we are escaping but instead we find ourselves acquiring new habits without knowing the real reasons for them.
Take, for example, the people who smoke. Have you ever tried noticing precisely when they light up their cigarettes? If you tried to notice this then most probably you will notice that these people smoke when:

• They are stressed
• They are anxious
• They are frustration
• They are unsatisfied
• They are waiting for something
• They are uncomfortable
• Or when they want some nicotine

As you can see I have listed lots of reasons that are not related to the cigarette itself or to nicotine addiction but to their own mood. These people usually use their cigarette as a way of escaping from their unwanted emotions and are not even aware of that. They may be thinking that they can’t stop smoking because of nicotine addiction or because of their lack of will but the truth is that they are just escaping.

Everyone has his own way of escaping, some people smoke, others seek a relationship, some escape by taking drugs and some escape by eating!!!

Yes unfortunately a big portion of people are obese not because of their genes or body type but because they escape to food whenever something bad happens. There are two problems that arise from this escaping habit, the first is that your real problems are never solved (because obviously eating can’t make your angry boss happy nor can it make you a social person if you weren’t) and the second is that you gain weight and become obese.

What makes emotional eating much more dangerous is that people may not be yet aware they are eating to escape but could be thinking that they’re eating because the food tastes delicious. The other thing is, life is full of problems and ups and downs and if you built the habit of eating whenever you felt like escaping you will find yourself eating whenever you feel bad, down or even when your mood swings. Our emotions may change many times throughout the day, sometimes even in a split of a second, which will result in having occasional mood swings. So imagine yourself having a meal whenever you felt out of mood? Will a diet then ever help you?

No, it will never help. The diet will then make you feel worse because it will take your escapement mechanism from you and still yet will leave you without a solution to your real problems.