Emerging trends in China’s e-commerce

E-commerce in China has grown from infancy to a more mature form, one that is stable. Many changes have been incorporated and new ones are emerging in this sector. These changes have a great impact on Chinese import and export sector. A brief description of these upcoming trends is as follows:

Publishers in global sourcing have started charging for their content. Also the mode of payment has caught the attraction of the people in the industry.
In Chinese e-commerce segment the online marketing is fast becoming an accepted medium of getting onto broad information highway about suppliers and customers.

Major portion of web designing is now done in Acrobat PDF. It is also an HTML standard but was initially developed for printing of documents. If you are trying to view a number of pages then you may find a problem with Acrobat PDF.

Almost all websites are incorporated with splash pages.

HTML format of e-mail is very popular as it reproduces rich media contents.Even voice mail, integrated with audio and video plug in, are common in e-mails.
In China e-commerce, newsletters are frequently becoming the main source of communicating with the customers, generating revenues and recognizing brand name in the marketplace. Now everything related to business is dependent on e-commerce technologies in China.

Microsoft has invented various solutions on application service provider that allows both small and big companies to manage newsletters easily, in global sourcing, through browser.

Web is getting onto a more developed stage with day to day to changes taking place in this specialized field. Around 50 per cent of the overall traffic on web is directed by major e-commerce companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL (According to a media survey)

While on the other hand traditional media is observing a downturn. Instead of resorting to traditional media companies now prefer to indulge in e-commerce.

The export and import industry of China is too dependent on e-commerce, in present situation.

On many websites irritating popups, popovers and popunders are still found at large. In fact these are bad marketing tools used by those companies that do not understand the importance of adding content and generate the revenue.

All these emerging trends in China’s e-commerce greatly affect the marketing strategies of import and export in global sourcing.