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Emergency Lighting in Gainesville | Electrical Problems

gray power switch boxCommon Problems With Commercial Electrical Systems

Electrical systems are essential to modern-day Florida business establishments. From lamps in Alachua parking lots to emergency lighting in Gainesville buildings, they rely heavily on commercial-grade circuitries to supply power to the different fixtures in their space. But, even if these are often sturdier than ones meant for residential use, they can still develop electrical problems over time.

As a business owner, you should be familiar with some of the most common issues that these systems can have. You’ll be better prepared to face them in case they happen in your commercial space. Read on to learn about them.

Malfunctioning Outlets

Whether it’s for an office setting, a store, or a restaurant, every company uses wall sockets to conveniently access power for different appliances and computer systems. And, since they’re one of the features that people often interact with, these sockets are more prone to develop problems and malfunction than other electrical parts.

One common problem with outlets is they can come loose. People apply a pushing or pulling force on the socket when using it, and this motion eventually causes the unit to lose its grip on the wall it’s embedded into. If the outlet is left in this condition, the internal wiring is more likely to become damaged and make the unit malfunction. This often results in a dead outlet that can’t conduct electricity.

Whatever the cause of a malfunctioning outlet is, call a professional electrician and get it fixed immediately. There is a risk of electric shock when your employees or customers use it. It’s also a potential fire hazard.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Lighting problems are generally bad for business. In an office setting, this affects the way your employees work. Flickering lights can be a distraction to them, while a dim workplace can make it more difficult to see what they’re doing. Meanwhile, in a store or a restaurant, it can deter potential customers. The ambiance is affected, and people get a bad impression of the establishment.

Usually, these lighting malfunctions are caused by a number of factors. Poor electrical connections or faulty wiring are some of the most prevalent reasons. If these are the root of the problem, your lighting issues become a fire hazard, aside from negatively affecting your workplace atmosphere. So, you must get flickering or dimming lights assessed by a professional electrician to understand what’s causing them to malfunction.

Frequent Light Bulb Burnout

Just like flickering or dimming lights, bad lighting caused by frequent light bulb burnouts affects the overall ambiance of your commercial space. You’ll have to keep changing out the bad fixtures to keep the atmosphere. This increases your overall expenses for lighting and electricity.

If you notice the need to change the bulbs in your space quite frequently even though they aren’t overused, the problem may lie in your electrical system. It can be caused by factors such as a high voltage supply, loose wiring, and other circuitry issues. It can also be a result of problems that have nothing to do with your electrical system, such as stray vibrations or poor air circulation where the light is located. A tune-up from a professional electrician can help rule out power-related issues.

Unusually Warm or Hot Switch Plates

This problem is more common in old switch plates. This is because their internal circuitry has developed significant wear and tear due to years of constant use. Their parts are more prone to breaking down, which can lead to structural issues that cause excessive heating. For example, the electrical contacts in the unit may get misaligned, which results in a phenomenon called arcing. It happens when stray current is produced when two contacts are too far apart. The charge will end up heating your light switch plate.

Another reason for having warm switch plates is loose internal wiring, which is also a product of wear and tear. Stray currents may leak out of the frayed cables, heating the switch up.

A hot switch can be a sign of a potential fire or electrocution hazard when caused by stray currents. A charge may ignite flammable materials within the circuit box, such as accumulated dirt or debris. So, if you notice that the ones in your commercial space are unusually warm, you should stop people from using them immediately. Shut off the power to those units if possible.

These are just some of the most common issues your establishment’s circuitries may have. Learning about them can help you better identify them in the future. Make sure to promptly call a contractor that specializes in emergency lighting in Gainesville and other commercial electrical services when you encounter any of these problems.