Embroidery On Aprons

One of the most pleasing ways to personalize an apron that you have either bought or made is to embroider it. There are many different ways that you can embroider an apron and many different designs you can choose from.

Probably one of the most important things to remember when choosing threads to use for embroidery is to consider what the apron is going to be used for. If the apron will require frequent washing, then choose threads that will not fade as quickly and remain colorfast, therefore will remain bright in color and minimize the chances of color running into the fabric of the apron.

Once the threads have been established, then you can look for an interesting and appropriate pattern to use for your embroidery project. There are many places to look for these and one of the easiest methods to use here is the iron-on pattern. You can also trace a pattern onto the fabric or draw with pencil the outline of what you would like to embellish. You could also perhaps consider some cross stitch which is done on another material and then apply this to the pattern once finished like an appliqué.

Even to put your name onto the pocket is a quaint way to personalize your apron. Another method could be to embroider the edges of the apron. You can use a brightly colored yarn to do a blanket stitch around the edge of hems, pockets, tie-backs or sleeve edges. This could be color coordinated with the fabric itself or with anything else that is embroidered onto the apron.

Embroidered aprons also make unusual and charming gifts. Whatever the skill level you have, you can either make or buy an apron and embroider it to suit a friend, mother, daughter or other lucky female in your life.

From a business standpoint the embroidered apron can enhance status in front of the customer by showing off the company name or logo. This is commonly done and only costs a little more to include the embroidery when making the initial apron purchase.

This method of advertising your business name on the apron can be beneficial in terms of tax minimalization. In most countries the placing of the business name on the work uniform will allow the company to claim reductions in tax from the rebates available, of course this does not cover all countries and states but you will find most do allow this legitimate form of tax reduction. Also the employee may be able to claim a rebate for their tax return from the laundering of work related uniforms, which in this case is the apron with an embroidered logo or name on it.

So as you can see there are many ways to use embroidery on an apron to enhance the visual appeal as well as improve the marketing aspects of the business. And don’t forget the tax implications also; why not take advantage of these enhancements whatever your motivation.
Embroidering an apron is a win win situation. Hope to see your name on an apron soon.