Embroidering Table Linen, Towels and Bathrobes

Visits to hotels are meant to be enjoyable experiences that aren’t forgotten for a long time, and one of the best ways for hotels to achieve both is to embroider items with their branding.

Embroidering linen, towels and bathrobes has a number of benefits for hotels and B&Bs, as well as for a number of businesses.

Good Idea:

Hotels have to create that sense of luxury, that feeling of getting something for your what you’ve paid for, and one of the best ways to create such a perception is through the use of embroidered towels and linen. We often associate luxury with the presence of such items in a hotel room so it is well worth considering.

There’s something about having an attractive and luxurious font and/or logo on the item that personalises the linen and bathrobes and creates that idea of luxury and sumptuousness. Logos can be a very powerful addition to anything from letterheads to notepads, to embroidery, to business cards and embroidery is no different.


Of course there is the benefit of advertising your brand through embroidery of linen and bathrobes. By doing so, you ensure that people remember where they are staying and your hotel. Of course, there is always the chance that your robes may go missing and this embroidery can be a great way of ensuring that even when at a loss you still are advertising and the person with your robe or towels will remember where they are from.


One of the big reasons to embroider your items is that it creates that sense of personality and personalisation for the people staying. So many hotel rooms are quite generic and embroidering places you in a small niche that makes the effort to step above the rest.


Adding embroidery to towels is simply attractive and something that really can look the part and lift the feeling of a hotel bathroom. This alone may be quite a fickle reason, but it can make your rooms feel all the more complete.

Embroidery can be done for towels, tablecloths and napkins. Companies will more than happily add such an addition to your order and will thereby ensure that your hotel room looks the part.

Of course, the more you order the lower cost the embroidery will be. Economies of scale make it cheaper to do so and ensure that it is even more worth your while getting your towels, bathrobes or table linen embroidered. After all look at the benefits.

Customers will be under the impression you stand out and you will also find your rooms more personal and attractive, all thanks to a little extra branding.