Embroidered Fleeces Make a Personal Statement

Fleece coats can make a strong statement of one’s personality, and embroidered fleeces can enhance the tone of that statement.

Consider the styles in which fleece coats come. There are full sleeved and sleeveless coats, and zip neck, full zip, reversible and ladies style fleeces. They can have contrasting sleeve panels, body panels; zip pockets, elasticated cuffs, linings or no linings. And they come in a range of colors.

With these kinds of choices, the selection you make cannot but express your personality in rather strong terms. Embroidered fleece coats can enhance this statement by telling the world what you care about, provided it was you who chose the embroidery.

In addition to coats, fleece is used to make other apparel like sweatshirts, jogging bottoms, exercise wear, blankets and so on.

Fleeces Are Not Made From Fleece

Fleece means the woollen coat of the sheep, sheared but not spun. Fleece coats and other items are not made from this material, however. Today’s fleece items are synthetic polar fleece products. The items are made using a fabric knitted with synthetic fibers, made from recycled pet bottles etc.

After the twisted yarns are knit into fabric, wire brushes rough up the surface and create the nap. The fabric is then sheared. Fleece jackets and other products are thus a vegan alternative to wool. They also help reduce the problem of plastic waste.

If you are aware of these facts, and have chosen a fleece item with that awareness, you are also making a statement that you care for your environment.

Embroidered Fleeces

Considering the popularity of fleece coats, as well its usefulness to ward off cold, embroidered fleeces are ideal as corporate gifts. The fleeces are embroidered with the company name and logo to remind the recipient and the world about the brand.

Depending on the value of the recipient to your business, you can select different kinds of fleece coats from brushed fleece to premium velour anti-pill fleeces.

With their rich texture and attractive appearance, as well as their usefulness, embroidered fleeces are excellent gift ideas for different occasions.


Embroidered fleeces are excellent as a gift, both corporate and personal. They are fashionable, useful and good-looking products. Fleece is used to produce jackets, exercise clothes, sweatpants, jogging bottoms and sweaters among other items.

Fleeces are synthetic products knitted with twisted yarn made from recycled pet bottles etc. After the production processes are gone through, the fabric takes on a beautiful appearance. Synthetic fleeces are considered a vegan alternative to wool, and also help reduce the impact of plastic waste.

Embroidered fleeces are both fashionable and useful, and can help build your corporate brand or cement your personal friendships.