Embrace Narcissistic Pleasures and Inner Happiness!

I bet the first thing that comes to your mind when hearing: “Embrace Narcissistic Pleasures and Inner Happiness!” is that being narcissistic is not a good trait and in no way, shape or form do you want to embrace narcissistic pleasures. In your mind, narcissism is excessive love or admiration of yourself. What if I told you that the dictionary also defines narcissism as the attribute of the human psyche characterized by admiration of oneself but within normal limits? Normal limits being the key words. I decided to use the term narcissistic versus selfish since I strongly believe that American women need to learn to be a bit narcissistic, not just selfish. American women often feel they can’t live up to an ideal to becoming a kind, gentle and positive person. They lock on to inner turmoil and also fear being seen as conceited, arrogant or self-centered if they place any attention on themselves. The women repress their uniqueness and individuality. The self-flogging then causes them to have to work harder on themselves resulting in depression, anxiety and chronic dissatisfaction.

So, enough of struggling with life’s struggles; enough of overanalyzing everything; enough of struggling to fit it; enough of constantly comparing yourself to other women; enough of worrying about making a faux pas; enough of self-sabotage; enough of punishing yourself when you eat that delicious dessert; and most importantly enough of trying to fix yourself!

Yes, it’s time to embrace your narcissistic pleasures and inner happiness! You deserve it. Now, I’m not telling you to go to extremes. This approach is a thing of the past based upon your self-deprecating thoughts and actions. Moderation and cultivation of your actions and being is the key. Complete control over your mind and body is no longer necessary. Be authentic in who you are and show up without apology. Make choices that are truly meaningful to you.

In our society, we expect quick fixes. However, cultivating your new attitude toward narcissistic pleasures and inner happiness is not a quick fix. It’s a gradual change. Your mind and body may resist, and for sure, people around you will resist. So, please keep in mind that you are not being a “bad girl” by asserting your attention to individuality. The process will require you to let go of needing to take care of everything for others and thinking that you are the only one who can handle a certain situation. Teach others how to become more self-reliant, including your husband, children and parents, and see how your inner happiness barometer rises. Appreciate that Rome wasn’t built in one day, but little by little.

Most importantly, take time daily to enjoy and celebrate yourself with things that are meaningful to you. Do you love chocolate? Then by all means, have a small piece everyday. Do you love elegant fragrances? Then don’t forget to dab some on your pulse points in the morning! Do you love to dress up? Well, create your own signature style and show it off.

Always remember that happiness is not a matter of luck. Happiness is what you make of your life. Move away from being inspired by fear and self-loathing and move toward enjoying life’s many pleasures supporting your authenticity. Then inner happiness will follow as a result of your small acts of enjoying narcissistic pleasures. Go ahead – embrace this principle fully and don’t look back!

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