Email Marketing Secret To Get Tons Of Happy Customers And Free Promotion

I’d like to share with you one of my email marketing secret strategies that works like gangbusters. You’ve probably already know that people don’t like getting the hard sell treatment; but if you’re not promoting anything, how can you make some money?

Here’s what I do to deal with this challenge (and get a lot of automatic free promotion in the process):

Step 1: Find a suitable and quality PLR e-book that has giveaway rights.

Step 2: In the second page, write down a short statement granting permission to the reader to give away the product to anyone they like.

Step 3: Hyperlink some of the words in the e-book to your own websites or affiliate links.

Step 4: Convert the e-book into pdf format. If you edit in Open Office, the hyperlinks in the e-book will work.

Step 5: Give it to your subscribers as a free gift. Put a P.S. at the end of your broadcast email and subtly promote a product related to the e-book.

That’s it! I’ve accomplished 3 things with this email marketing secret strategy:

1) I’ve given them a free gift. This activates the law of reciprocity and makes them want to return the favor (the e-book must be quality material though).

2) I’ve promoted under the radar. I’ve got lots of links in the e-book for them to click through. And I’ve also put a subtle promotion in the P.S. of the email (Unlike traditional email marketing, most people won’t treat this as a hard sell because it complements the free e-book and it’s just a tiny note compared to your whole message).

3) If people like it, they share it with others. And the more people download it, the more free promotion I got (remember the links in the e-book?). In fact, one subscriber of mine who liked my e-book shared it to around 300 people in his company. And who knows how many of these 300 people would pass it on to others. It’s viral marketing at its finest!

Hope these email marketing secret strategy helps you get tons of happy subscribers, customers, and free promotion!