Elliptical Trainer Advice and Elliptical Machine Equipment

Does hitting the pavement mean just that for you during your workout? Are your knees, ankles, and back sore from the constant impact of striking the ground? Then, elliptical exercise equipment may be the cure for your painful workout. Elliptical Trainers offer a low-impact cardio workout without being a pain in the neck (or the knees…or the back), while allowing for a great fitness session!

Elliptical Trainers are being heralded as standing head and shoulders above treadmills. They offer a ground reaction force that is less than fifty-percent of treadmills. This ensures a lessened chance for injury to joints, bones, and muscles.

The motion required on the elliptical trainer is similar to the treadmill, stair climber, and exercise bike in one product! This gives a comprehensive workout that isn’t for sissies. Low impact need not be synonymous with wimpy! The elliptical trainer will build muscle throughout the body while safeguarding you from injuries. You will achieve the necessary weight bearing exercise that all healthy adults should incorporate into their workouts, without the harsh impact.

Weight loss comes naturally when using an elliptical trainer since it combines cardiovascular training and the essential weight bearing component. Studies prove that you’d have to stay on an exercise bike 10 minutes longer to achieve the same results as on the elliptical trainer. If you have a fair amount of weight to lose, the handles on the elliptical trainer offer support, while boosting intensity.

Prices generally range between $199.00 and $600.00 on the high end of the spectrum. Some fold up for ease and convenience between workouts. There are a variety of elliptical trainers on the market, so shop around before you make a purchase. If purchasing one in the store, ask if you can try it out first. Perhaps they may give you a demonstration. Nordic Track stores are well known for offering friendly customer service, and many of the workers have an intense interest in physical fitness.

Stop beating yourself up on that pavement, and smooth out the wrinkles in your exercise program with an elliptical trainer!