Elliptical Fitness Trainers – Which One Is Right For You?

Jogging and running can lead to major knee complications especially over years of pounding on the hard pavement. With an elliptical trainer a person can avoid a lot of pain and the surgeon’s knife.

There are a few elliptical trainers, usually those advertised on TV, that are virtually ineffective in burning calories. It is important that one do their research into their exercise needs before purchasing an elliptical trainer.

Make sure you do a thorough assessment of your fitness needs before buying an elliptical trainer. Many times we short change ourselves and invest in a piece of equipment that never meets our needs and finds its way into the dark corner of our garage. Elliptical trainers can be the most beneficial piece of exercise equipment you will ever own but not if you buy the wrong one.

After you have done a thorough assessment of your fitness requirements, it is time to take the following into your further review:

1. Depending on your performance requirement, evaluate the stride length of the elliptical trainer.

2. Levels of resistance is paramount in assessing an elliptical trainers. If you want an intense workout, make sure the elliptical trainer has at least 20 levels of resistance.

3. You don’t want to get bored with the same old routine, so check out to see if they have a variety of programs available with the elliptical trainer.

4. Does the elliptical trainer have options like arm workouts, heart rate monitors, etc?

Once you have compiled this information, look at the MSRP of the elliptical trainer and see if the price justifies the added options. You might save some money by going to a less expensive elliptical trainer if it still meets your basic needs.