Elephants Online Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing had become one of the world’s most valuable tools for business globally. At the touch of a button individuals from the corporate world can be chatting away as if they were merely in an office down the hall. But there is more use to this technology than meets the eye.

One of the most innovative uses for this kind of teleconferencing is being utilized by several institutions across the US.

Colleges and learning centers in Tennessee have set up teleconferencing facilities linked to an animal sanctuary catering for the needs of Asian elephants.

One day a week students from several colleges, can ‘tune-in’ to the sanctuaries which can be anywhere in the world!

Cameras and transmitters are already in situ and the student can study the elephant in its natural habitat without fear of disturbing the animal. Students from different schools can then join in discussion groups to enable them to expand on what they have witnessed first hand.

Tutors are on hand to educate and guide the students through the meetings and answer any questions they may have – one tutor covering several schools at once.

Indeed, teleconferencing in this instance, has become a hugely successful way to teach conservation and ecology to the younger generation.

Who would have thought that the necessity for a fast and cheap method of bringing business people together at a moments notice would also, in turn, be used to educate and excite our children about the wonders of the natural world?

Source: https://positivearticles.com