Elements Great Public Speaking

The Four Elements of Great Public Speaking

As per the polls and surveys rate it, it is shown that public speaking is one of the things which numerous people fear of doing. There is a frightening factor that comes along with public speaking, as perceived by a lot of individuals. There is a phobia that affects some people as they stand up in front and face the public.

However, in man’s life, public speaking is a task that could never be rid of. It is a natural need to speak with an individual or with a group. In the day to day hustles and bustles, you encounter different kinds of individuals and in order for you to convey to them what you exactly want to say, you have to speak with them. They are not mind readers and you cannot let a day pass without opening your mouth and using your voice.

But then again, for some folks, public speaking forms part of their routinely activities. The supervisors, managers, businessmen, teachers, lawyers, orators, and a lot of them are too used to public speaking. It is the core of their jobs. It would be rare for these people to be relatively shy, awkward, afraid, and meek once they move forward and address the crowd before them. However, people who are more inclined to using their hands and minds when working are naturally bestowed with these characteristics just like those librarians, architects, construction workers, drivers, and many more. Indeed, the courage of a person to do public speaking is influenced by the nature of his job.

As what comes out naturally, the necessity to do public speaking likewise springs outside of the bounds of the job. You may be tasked to say something during a friend’s wedding. You may be required to give a eulogy at a wake. Due to these unexpected circumstances, you have to be brave and know the elements of great public speaking. Do not be afraid to be under the limelight. Know these important Cs as elements of great public speaking.

The first C that stands as an element of great public speaking is composure. Composure means how well you carry or present yourself to those people around you. Your body is your main tool in public speaking. Not only will you be using your mouth but your whole body as well. You will be making gestures. You will be exuding proper posture and so on. It is vital that once you stand before an audience, you get their interest. Stand straight and create an air of authority. Your composure will tell the crowd whether you are prepared, you are shy, or if you are a reliable source on the topic. It is as if your composure will emit some kind of communication with them.

The next is cadence. This refers to the rhythm, tempo, or speed of your speaking. There are people who tend to eat the words because of talking really fast. Rushing while speaking shows how nervous you are. Slow down and ensure that the words you utter are clear and understandable. If your cadence fails, it means that your public speaking is also a failure because nothing could be made out from your speech.

The third element of great public speaking is communication. You stand before an audience to communicate with them. And communication is to express and not to impress. Arouse emotions from the people. You have a definite purpose for your speech so work out on its achievement. As you communicate with them, it means touching their very core as human beings.

Then you have comedy as another element of great public speaking. Do not be very serious as you may sound boring. Inject humor and wit in your speech. This will keep the audience alive, participating, and interested.

These elements of great public speaking could be your redeeming qualities as you interact with a group of people.

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