Electronic Press Release kits

Electronic press release kits are the same as regular press release kits – the only difference is that they don’t have any pleasantries for the journalists. Well, and they are distributed in CD or over the internet. When it is made available online, editors of newspapers working around the world can download the content straight from the news syndication website. They can also receive them through email. There aren’t any restrictions, especially when it comes to delivering news online.

Electronic press kits (EPK) have the news article or press release. It also has necessary background information of the company. They can be quite extensive, as you can include all relevant data in the kit for the editors to explore. A good option for marketers and everyone who wants to get his/her news across to a maximum number of people. Companies, non-profit organizations, political parties, etc all now use EPK for possible inclusion in newspapers, magazines and websites.

Drafting electronic press release kits require some skills and understanding of what the editors need. No editor will like to make his editorial space another advertising billboard. They need news – what is in it for the readers type news stories. Your success with EPK depends on your ability to convey in clear language that there is something for the readers. Newsworthy events, development of new technologies, curious uses of different products, etc all make for news. If the release has no news value, it won’t get published.

Video News Releases

They are also like EPK. The difference is they are aimed at television channels. A news video, which can be included in the local channel as news, companies can get some exposure through VNR. Just like in case of EPK, you need to have a newsworthy or interesting story weaved into the video. You can very few seconds to sell the story, you need to make sure the video passes like a bullet. There are techniques that you can use to make your VNR irresistible by TV news editors.

Apart from the local TV channels, you can also target the websites catering specific geographic locations or target demographic groups. There are several websites now available online, streaming videos. The visitors of such websites use high speed broadband connection and they watch the videos just as TV programs. When planning VNR production, make sure you target this group too.

There are different strategies of gaining attention of the editors. They include releasing a funny or entertainment video, a compelling news story that editors can’t overlook, and videos featuring celebrities are always in demand. They go to both TV channels and websites delivering online videos.

Entertaining or informing news releases also go to newspapers – both local and national papers. Some editors pick shorter news items – less than 200 words, while others have 700 word releases OK. Also think about the newspapers and magazines that give snippets of less than 20 words.

When it comes to electronic press release kits, your primary requirement is to get your release printed or published in websites. We can help you reach hundreds of editors in a matter of minutes.