Eight Diabetes Symptoms – Important Points For You to See

The hidden disease. Diabetes, often a surprise to the individual, can live unnoticed. Because there are no aches or pains associated with the illness in the beginning stages it can cause damage as it exists in the background. Numerous people in the USA (over 20.8 million) have diabetes. About one third of this crowd are unaware they have the ailment. It is very important that these pre-diagnosis tests are done regularly so that early detection may help prevent serious problems of the disease.

Some of the symptoms of diabetes include, but are not limited to:

1 Seems like you are urinating quite often.
2. You have an ongoing thirst that needs to be addressed.
3. You are peculiarly losing weight. This is a new phenomenon for you.
4. You always seem to be hungry. You just ate a decent meal you get up from the table and you want to eat some more.
5. Increased fatigue. You may also wake up fatigued.
6. Quite often you are short-tempered
7. You are having problems with your sight.
8. You have diabetes is in your family tree.

If any of the above diabetes symptoms concern you then you will need to get yourself tested. Obtain a fasting diabetes test to check on your blood sugar level. If you are pre diabetic or diabetic then some changes need to take place.

You will need to alter your diet. In my opinion this is the number one remedy. While exercise, herbs, meditation to reduce stress is good for you, adjusting your diet and sticking to your new meal plan will pay the most dividends. Concentrate on eating fiber, vegetables and proteins. Do this while you are decreasing your high sugar, high carbohydrate foods, and high fat foods. You want to create a good balance. Even though it may seem intimidating at first, you can make the proper choices with some effort and smart planning.

Even people already diagnosed with diabetes and taking medication can sometimes revert to proper blood sugar levels with the addition of more, or consistent, physical activity and proper diet in their lives. Some studies have shown, in fact, that these two situations of diet and exercise can work as well as medications. Of course, you should not go off any medications unless you check with your physician first and have the proper normal readings on tests associated with diabetes levels.

Another important item to consider is an eye exam. This should be done every year to allow your doctor to catch any upcoming or progressing diseases, including diabetes. Early detection is very important as mentioned above. You have more of a chance to offset the disease by specific measures if you know you can keep control of your situation by simple problem solving techniques.

Conclusions to this article then are:

1. Consult with a nutritionist, your health care provider, the hospital, or someone you trust that can give you the real deal on what foods to eat and how to prepare them.

2. Do not gain any weight. If anything, lose 10% (if this is appropriate) of your weight to start reaping the benefits of a better you. Keep your weight at a standard level for your age and height.

3. Even if you show no symptoms, if the disease is inherent in your family get yourself tested on a regular basis. Can you be too cautious?

4. Follow your doctor’s recommendations. Get your diet and exercise under control first.

5. If you notice any of the diabetes symptoms listed above, please get a fasting diabetes test as soon as possible to prevent the onset of any serious medical conditions that can be elevated or heightened by diabetes such as stroke or joint problems.

Research the diabetes problem in the United States just a little bit and you will see why everyone should be aware of this dangerous and often misunderstood and often un-diagnosed disease.

In summary: This article was written to give you an overview of diabetes and what signs and symptoms to look for. If you want to take care of a problem like reducing blood sugar or what kind of diet to maintain keep reading to grab your free MP3. This Diabetic Warrior took on diabetes and won the battle.