Egg Protein – Benefits of Consuming Eggs

In most countries eggs is a common breakfast item and many dishes can be prepared from egg. They are rich source of nutrients and consist of many vitamins, fats and proteins. A single egg contains nearly six grams of protein and many other nutrients, which are very good for the body.

Contents of egg protein

Egg protein consists of all the necessary amino acids, which are required by the body for growth and development. The protein content in eggs is higher than any other kind of animal protein, which is available. It is mainly for this reason that many producers of protein powders often include egg protein like albumin in their products. Egg protein can also be easily digested and absorbed in the body. An important aspect of egg protein is that it is a lactose free source of protein. The high level of amino acids mainly the important sulphur comprising amino acids are important for various hormonal activities in the body.

Whole egg protein can be received in two ways. It can be received from eating whole eggs and also from egg protein powder, which comes as a supplement. However if a person wants to get the advantage of the egg protein but not the fat and the cholesterol then the person can take just the egg white and this a good option. Egg white is not a complete source of protein because it is the yolk along with the egg white, which makes up for the complete source of whole egg protein. The protein content between the egg white and the yolk is equally divided although egg white has one gram of more protein than the yolk. Moreover, the egg white has no fat and cholesterol and this is where it scores over the yolk. The yolk contains cholesterol and the option that is available is, using two egg whites instead of one whole egg in order to make up for the whole egg protein. This helps to limit the intake of cholesterol.

Egg white protein supplements

Egg white protein is also available as a supplement in powdered form. This is actually free from fat and cholesterol and is very easy to take. A good quality egg white protein supplement will have nearly 22-24 grams of protein in one serving. Therefore egg protein is very good for the health and can be obtained either from a supplement or from whole eggs.