EFT Therapy .vs. Counselling

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is the fastest growing self-help tool on the planet. The freely available learning material and fast, self-applied process achieve the same end as traditional talk-therapy, but do so much faster and more comfortably.

If you’ve decided to look for emotional help and are considering the options, I’ve compiled some specifics on why EFT, with its basis in meridian channels discovered thousands of years ago, is the preferred choice at the forefront of therapy.


EFT works on the energy system – the meridian channels carrying subtle energies discovered thousands of years ago by the Chinese (and still used today in acupuncture). When resolving traumatic experiences with EFT, we are working at the source, meaning that re-living and re-experiencing the emotional pain of the original experience is usually not required. In rare cases it can be beneficial for your Practitioner to be aware of some specific aspects of the issue to maximise healing, but with EFT clients mostly retain the choice. Also, several procedures are built in to the basic EFT protocols to dramatically reduce intensity, and in the hands of a seasoned Practitioner EFT therapy can in fact be a surprising and humour-filled experience.

2)Stand Alone

Because the same process is applied to every issue, EFT is complete in and of itself. EFTers are a caring community, and experienced professionals have within EFT a bank of techniques for tracking back to specific memories which may have contributed to the current issue. And, the principal tapping protocols can also be applied directly to more obvious conditions such as physical pain, headaches, etc for fast relief.

3)Independent Clients

My favourite aspect to EFT is that it’s self applied. The basic techniques can be learned in 5 minutes and are yours to apply for life. More importantly, this means clients can take responsibility for their own healing, and are no longer required to wait until next week’s session for relief as in traditional counselling. The client can get back to emotional health faster and there is zero risk of any unnecessary dependence developing between the client and their therapist in order for healing to result. It’s a win-win. Further, most EFT Practitioners assign “homeplay” for their clients to maximise healing in the shortest possible time.

4)Group Work Works

EFT experiences a phenomenon called “Borrowing Benefits”. Effectively this means that, in a group situation, whilst watching someone else working on their issues, audience members “tap along” on their own issues as they watch. Accordingly audience members typically report reduced intensity on their issues, even though they may not have been focussed specifically on theirs. This process additionally makes EFT one of the few very successful approaches for group therapy, and a cost-effective option for many. Helping many people in the same amount of time typically means that group participation fees are less than one to one therapy, meaning that even for stubborn problems, clients can afford to return for repeated sessions while remaining financially comfortable, with the added benefit of reduced waiting times for treatment.

5)Lasting Results

EFT has, built in, some extremely effective protocols for testing the results of your work. Due to the speed and efficiency of working with the energy system direct, it’s possible to check and re-check work several times for thorough-ness and 100% satisfaction of both client and therapist. In this way the client is happy to return normal life without fear of his/her complaint being retriggered without warning. The importance of testing is reinforced at every stage of learning for EFT students, and the results are often startling for both therapist and client.

Talk therapy is a source of healing and rebuilding for many. Although not for everyone, for those requiring real world results faster, without additional pain, or dependence on a therapist, EFT offers a refreshing and economical approach to emotional health.