Effects of Smoking

There are lots of people who take up different activities in order to relax or to relieve their stress. For some people this relaxation is that of smoking. Unfortunately the effects of smoking are not fully considered by these people when they start this habit. You will see that the age limit or sex barrier is non existent when it comes to smoking.

The various manufacturers of cigarettes and tobacco products make their various nicotine products sound quite glamorous and enjoyable; in fact the advertising gimmicks which are produced by these companies show that smoking is an indispensable part of life. The only facts about smoking that these companies “forget” to show are the effects of smoking on its victims and the people in the vicinity if those individuals.

The most well known of the effects of smoking are lung cancer and infant deaths. In the former the lungs become clogged from the excess amounts of nicotine and other substances which are deposited on the lungs. The presence of carbon monoxide in the cigarettes also helps to rob the blood of the oxygen that it needs to nourish the body.

The effects of smoking on infants, newborns and pregnant women are simple. As the expectant mother inhales vast quantities of smoke it is carried in the blood to the placenta. The child in turn will then turn into an involuntary smoker. The tiny still forming body and lungs will have more nicotine byproducts in their body than it is possible for them to cope.

As yet more smoking by products are forced into their bodies the unborn child is not able to cope with these myriad toxins and the child dies while it is still in the mother’s womb. Now you need to understand that active smoke is not the only way that a child can get the effects of smoking. Passive smoking or second hand smoking will also have an effect. In this instance the smoke and all of it’s by products will pour into the people – including children – who are in that vicinity.

The myriad of effects of smoking can be directly attributed to the various ingredients which are found in these tobacco products. The substances which are found in cigarettes cause breathing, lung and other health problems. To combat these effects of smoking and to have a healthy life, the only sure way that you can proceed is to quit or never start smoking at all.