Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption On Social Environment

Excessive consumption of alcohol has various effects on social environment. Consuming alcohol in the inappropriate times such as, while driving, or operating machines, or in working hours can lead to accidents, loss of work, and may be even more fatal.

Problems Raised By Alcohol Abuse

There are many consequences of abusing alcoholic beverages on social environment, which varies from one another.

• Alcohol abusers are often in the state of drowsiness. They couldn’t perform any work properly.

• As alcohol addiction disables a person to earn, they couldn’t pay bills or credits timely and couldn’t keep good track record of credit history.

• It causes huge damage in production rate and reputation of an organization due to illness of employees

• Driving under the influence of alcohol substances causes accidents.

• Alcohol consumption leads to more absentism for school and college students.

• There would be much absentism at workplace causing loss of valuable man hours

• Due to alcohol abuse, many school and college students are unable concentrate on their studies, which is drawing them towards poor quality of education.

• Alcohol consumption spoils the abusers career and reputation in the workplace and society.

• Chronic consumption of alcohol causes several health problems such as, obesity, liver disease, infertility and if neglected can lead to death.

In such a way, consumption of alcohol has various consequences that may result to get involved in illicit activities. Apart from the effects on social environment, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to become lazier and disregard their health. It disables to act fast and make good decisions. It impairs to perform accurate tasks as it decreases the capabilities of acting and thinking. Moreover, it causes to be unstable amity, inadequate support in any activity and living alone. Alcohol consumption can results to unemployment and will be restrained in to low-income group, which may push them to commit crimes.

This information gives an idea about the major problems caused by alcohol consumption on social environment. With the awareness of these consequences, there can an increase in health care, welfare, and criminal justice and prominently in job performance and family relationships.