Effects of anger

Though anger s a natural feeling experienced by all human, the effects are always unpleasant. You may think that you are expressing anger in normal ways and it will not affect the people around you. But if you ask your spouse, friend, children or colleague about the effects of your anger, you will be surprised to learn how they feel for your anger. Any anger either expressed harshly or politely has its effects.

Anger may not only affect other people around you. In fact it affects you also. This is because if you express your anger through some harsh words, you will feel guilty after some years. It will be more painful for you.

Although every human get anger only few think about the effects of anger. Some effects are less harmful. Yet other effects are dangerous. Even depression and suicide may be the effects of anger. Mainly teen age children are affected by anger. They feel hurt when the parents or teachers express anger. As they are in between the child hood age and grown up age they will develop more confusion. As a result they get depression. A depression that is not treated correctly will lead to suicide.

Apart from the psychological effects there are some physical effects also. Anger can cause heavy blood pressure, chest pain, severe head ache, migraine, grinding teeth etc. If any one gets angry frequently then there is a chance of stroke, kidney failure, obesity and severe cold. It is discovered that people eat too much when they got angry. As a result obesity occurs. Excessive sweating, ulcer and indigestion may also occur due to anger.

Medical experts found that anger reduces the capacity of heart to pump blood. It will damage heart muscles. This is the reason why people get heart attack when they are extremely angry.

Anger may also affect the skin. If any one has got anger often then they may suffer from rashes, acne and other skin problems. The facial skin will have wrinkles when one gets angry often. So an extremely anger person will get aged look soon.
If you bottle up anger then it will also have some side effects. It will lead to depression, addiction to drugs, alcohol and sleeping problems. When you are not feeling peaceful then you will lack concentration in your work.

If you got anger always then the hormone level will increase and it will react in all organs. It will affect some blood vessels and also cause indigestion. This is the reason that every one today wants to manage anger through various techniques developed by experts.