Effectively Relating to a Culturally Diverse Workforce – Nu Leadership Series

“An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Effective organizational leaders understand the importance of connecting with a culturally diverse workforce. I think it’s important that organizational leaders make a love connection. What do I mean? Managers should place a high priority on their relationship with followers. On many occasions, businesses sing the praises of new technologies while workers are often devalued in the process.

Leaders should see followers as more than mechanical parts for their organizational objectives. Pfeffer, author of The Human Equation, acknowledges that an organization’s success is directly related to its implementation, and this capacity comes from the workers, how they are treated, their skills, and their efforts as they relate to the organization. Replacing the present workforce, the Emergent Workforce in the future will cross gender, age, race, and geography.

As recent studies demonstrate, employees want a more meaningful workplace. Diversity is only adding fuel to a fire that is already smoking. Today’s employees don’t want to be a component in a big machine. Employees want to be valued. Like in marriage, a person can’t forget what attracted him to his mate. That individual must continue to make that love connection. Likewise, leaders can’t afford to ignore the needs of their organizational partner, the employees. Effective organizations should focus on their employees or risk the label of an uncaring organization in the market.


Pfeffer, J. (1998). The Human Equation. Harvard Business School Press

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