Effective Techniques of Better Communication – Verbal and Written

COMMUNICATION may just be a 13 letter word but as far as its importance goes there is very little that we gain without effective communication. As the saying goes “It’s easy to dream but making dreams come true is what really counts. In a similar way its easy to be a communicator but to be an effective one is what really counts… to some its definitely an inborn skill and some strive hard to build it.
Its not always that we end up having a perfect communication…either there is a misunderstanding… confusion… or some or the other reasons due to which things turn out to be really sour…
Communication is basically of two major types…Verbal and Written…we can really follow some basic rules to make these two communications really effective.

Effective Verbal Communication

First impression is the last impression – Many a times we might have heard this being said but little do we actually realize the importance of the phrase. It’s very important to create an impression before any conversation… it helps to make it smooth.

Know the details of your conversation – It is very essential to know the details of your conversation. From the purpose of the conversation to what results are you expecting out of it… all this is very vital. In case of a “formal conversation” be well prepared from before… in fact try to go a step ahead knowing the taste and interest of the person you going to interact with. In fact try to make the communication a total learning process.

Be a patient listener – As easily the word “patient listener” goes, its not always easy to be one… but to make verbal communication effective its always necessary, otherwise you tend to miss out on the important information and offend the person sitting opposite you.

Stop being a liar – Be very genuine with your words keeping in mind that the person/s sitting opposite you is as clever as you think yourself to be. Your pretensions if exaggerated might get caught and ruin all your big hopes.

Presence of mind – It is indeed a hard virtue to follow, but the absence of it is sure to ruin all your supposedly good plans. So to make your communication really effective make sure that you don’t miss out on a single point, in fact give all possible suggestions so as to ensure that you are taking an interest in the conversation.

Know to handle – When a conversation is at its peak, especially in case of a formal one, and if you feel that it could turn boring at any moment, quickly sneak in a healthy humor or a funny incident that happened recently… so very connected to the topic you were talking on all this while

Try not to be a forgetful goat – Its sounds funny but its not all that funny… remembering the points and information’s that you discussed a while ago is very necessary… its helps to make future communications more effective… and most importantly try your best not to forget the names. People appreciate if you remember their names, especially when you are introducing them to someone else in future.

Be clear with you conversations – Just don’t converse merely for the sake of it. Reduce on your speed of talking… its helps the other person to follow what you are saying. Clarity is very essential.

Effective Written Communication

Purpose of your writing – Always be very clear with the purpose of your writing. Is it a favor that you are asking for or is it a favor that you are doing for somebody. Is it an invitation for your new business venture or one for the kitty party you going to throw very soon.

Clarity and proper use of words – Be very sure not to scribble around the paper you writing on… clarity is a must. Your content should also be precise and clear enough for the reader to understand.

Respect to the reader – Give due respect to yours as well as the readers point of view. Never be over judge mental, for it might offend the reader to a great degree. This is a very essential point. Ignoring this might land you into serious trouble…may be leading to a cancellation of the merger which seemed so obvious, till you had written that letter.

Well all these methods of communication if kept in mind is enough for you to strike the biggest deal of your life or may be regain that long lost friend whom you had lost because of one of your own stupidity. When you communicate make sure no ear dares to be distracted.