Effective, Simple Article Marketing Strategies That Work

Is article marketing an effective strategy? Absolutely. Over the last couple of months I have created close to 1000 leads from this strategy alone. I’m new to online marketing, too. In fact, I’ve only been marketing my business online for 60 days. If more people understood how to do article marketing the right way, they wouldn’t waste so much money on PPC advertising. My goal here is simple. I want you to have some immediate ideas that will help you make more money, faster with your article marketing efforts.

First, you want to keep your articles relevant to the reader. You may be wondering what I mean. Simply put, you need to be a useful resource for helping people solve their most important problems with your articles. Sometimes you see an article that says it’s about one thing, but the information isn’t helpful at all. That’s a BAD idea if you want to build a stable, long term business. It’s important to talk to the problem directly and provide some useful insights for your audience. Relevant, useful information is step one in ranking in the search engines.

Next, you need to make sure that your author biography has useful resources that are targeted at your article subject matter. Simply put, you want to have an author resource box that solves the exact problem that created your article in the first place. It’s important that your resource box is viewed with continuity with your core article message. Does that make sense? Simply make your marketing message as focused on the issue as you can.

Third, if you want an article to stay ranked in the search engines you need A LOT of backlinks. Simply put, you need a whole lot of other sites linking to your specific page. Just because an article is relevant and helpful doesn’t mean people will see it. You want to at a minimum use OnlyWire to create social bookmarkers to all of your articles the moment after they are published. That one concept will make your articles rank better and faster than if you don’t do it.

Fourth, write A LOT of articles. Most people online simply don’t write enough articles to make any significant difference long term for their websites. How much content do you need to make? As many as you possibly can. I make sure that personally I create one new article every single day.

My final thought for you is to be optimistic! Making money online is easy if you get good at article marketing, and it is simply one of the coolest strategies you could possibly engage in long term. Keep your eyes out for more useful tips! (After all, I do write one new article per day.)