Effective Learning Systems, Inc. makes its 100+ self-help audio programs available on CD

Effective Learning Systems, Inc. makes its 100+ self-help audio programs available on CD

Effective Learning Systems, Inc., the leading creator and publisher of self-improvement audio programs, has released CD versions of its over 100 self-help audio programs originally available only on cassette. “All of our self-help titles will remain available on cassette, but in response to customer demand, we have launched CD versions of each of our titles. We recognize the importance of making our entire self-help audio product line available in multiple formats,” states Jeff Griswold, President of Effective Learning Systems.

“This transition to CD presented us with a great opportunity to improve the product and create greater value for our customers. For example, the CD version of the 80 plus titles in our top-selling The Love TapesÒ series includes an audible spoken-word version plus two subliminal versions – one with music and one with the sound of ocean waves – all on a single CD. With all three formats packaged on a single CD, this version of The Love TapesÒ provides our customers with a comprehensive 3-in-1 self-improvement audio program at an affordable price,” states Griswold.

In addition to its popular The Love TapesÒ series, Effective Learning Systems has produced several other series of self-help audio programs, including For Busy PeopleÔ, Effective MeditationsÔ, While-U-DriveÒ, and Walking & Active LifeÔ. Each of these series is now available on CD in addition to the cassette version.

Effective Learning Systems self-help audio programs cover a wide range of self-improvement topics including:

· Building Self-Esteem and Building Self-Confidence
· Weight Loss, Weight Control, and Exercise Motivation
· Memory Improvement and Learning Power
· Stress Management and Relaxation
· Positive Thinking and Happiness
· Stop Smoking and Conquering Addictions
· Anger Management and Emotional Control
· Health, Healing and Increase Energy
· Business Success, Prosperity, and Productivity
· Improving Relationships
· Inner Power

“We developed our audio self-help programs utilizing a variety of proven techniques that enable individuals to create positive, lasting change in their lives,” states Griswold. “Our goal is to develop programs – incorporating the most powerful, scientifically sound techniques – to help people use the power within their own minds to achieve their goals and improve their lives.”

Effective Learning Systems self-help audio programs use several techniques to create lasting change including:

· Guided Meditation
· Positive Affirmations
· Powerful Visualizations
· Guided Imagery
· Goal-Oriented Meditation
· Breathing Techniques
· Subliminal Programming
· Whole-Brain Learning

Effective Learning Systems self-help audio programs are available through its website (http://www.efflearn.com) as well as national bookstores including Barnes & Noble and Borders. To request a product catalog via e-mail, send an e-mail to catalog@efflearn.com.


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