Effective Learning Systems, Inc. Adds “Centers of Excellence”

Effective Learning Systems, Inc., the leading creator and publisher of self-improvement audio programs, has expanded its website to include “Centers of Excellence” focusing on specific self-help subject areas. “We have always offered a very goal-oriented approach to self-improvement. In addition to teaching techniques for general life-improvement, we’ve also offered many self-help audio titles that are geared toward achieving a specific outcome such as titles on weight loss, memory improvement, and smoking cessation,” states Jeff Griswold, President of Effective Learning Systems.

To be consistent with that legacy and to offer more value to website visitors, Effective Learning Systems has created Centers of Excellence that are built around specific self-help subject areas. Each of these subject areas offers helpful information and directs visitors toward the best audio programs related to that particular topic.

Effective Learning Systems has launched three Centers of Excellence:

· Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence (http://www.efflearn.com/selfesteem.php)
· Weight Control and Exercise (http://www.efflearn.com/weightlossprogram.php)
· Positive Thinking and Happiness (http://www.efflearn.com/happiness.php)

In conjunction with the creation of these Centers of Excellence, Effective Learning Systems has published a series of informative articles related to these topic areas. “We recognize that visitors turn to our website as a source of knowledge on self-help topics,” states Griswold. “To address this need, we have authored our first series of articles on key self-help topics.” The following self-help articles are available on Effective Learning Systems’ website:

· Building Self-Confidence (http://www.efflearn.com/selfconfidencearticle.php)
· Winning the Mental Game of Weight Loss (http://www.efflearn.com/weightlossarticle.php)
· How to Become Totally Positive – Right Now! (http://www.efflearn.com/positive_thinking_article.php)
· The Power of Positive Affirmations (http://www.efflearn.com/positive_affirmations.php)

Effective Learning Systems will continue to add Centers of Excellence and self-help articles to its website throughout the year to strengthen its position as a valuable resource for those interested in self-help topics.