Effective Customer Service

The better your clients are taken care of the more they buy from you and the more people they send to buy from you. I know this from experience. In the younger part of my career I have worked with companies that had very poor customer service and their product wasn’t even that good. What happened was people just didn’t buy from them again and no one sent any referrals. I was selling meat. I don’t know anything about meat. I don’t even eat meat so I couldn’t put myself in the customer’s position and realize sooner that I need to get out of there. I worked with this company because people were making a lot of money doing it. This is not always the right choice to make because you can go into a market where people make a lot of money and you only make enough to get buy because you’re not passionate about it. On the other hand you can go into a market where people make okay money and make a killing. Why, because you love what your doing.

I started selling this meat and I didn’t even know the quality of it. I sold some to my friends who had a bar-b-q with the meat I sold them. It was the worst meat, nobody even ate it. It was so crushing to me. Next I worked for a different kind of company selling the same product but the difference was this company had better customer service. The policy of the old company I worked for was that after three days you could not get a refund, wrong approach. This is how you lose customers. You can’t build a business like that. What I learned at the new company was they sell meat that’s okay but not the best but they do sell it on convenience. That is what made the buyers start coming back. With this company, there whole clientele is based on referrals. The company with no customer service was based on new sales.

When you run a business on the new sales philosophy growth is not earned. With the new company, after ninety days you didn’t have to cold call again. You can build a clientele because your customers were happy with your service and you grow from referrals. If someone didn’t like their product or wanted their money back they would take care of it. Give them their money back; give them new meat, whatever it took to keep that customer happy. They cared about the client and wanted to service that client over and over again. If you are representing a company that doesn’t have customer service, you have to change it or you have to run. Go somewhere that has good customer service. It’s simple to find out a companies customer service quality, research it, and buy from them. Become the client. Would you buy from them? The only way to grow as a salesperson is to make your customers happy.

Go Get ‘Em!