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The Living Faith of John Edwards

John Edwards started out his passion to serve people early in his hometown at Robbins, North Carolina. Through his father, Wallace, John learned the essence of hard work and perseverance as well. By learning these values, he was able to understand the people to which his father used to be with. Observing all people and workers around him developed his strong belief that all people, especially Americans, deserve equal treatment and opportunity to be heard and to succeed.

During this time, he struggled his way to become the first member of the family to go through college. He had graduated with flying honors at North Caroline State University in 1974 and a law degree with the same high honors from the University of North Carolina in 1977.

After his success with his studies, he started to worm his way up in order to represent families and as well as children. He stood up against those powerful insurance companies trying to devastate these small families. Helping them go through their darkest moments, John successfully embraced and overcame tremendous challenges these situations faced him.

After dedicating this career to defend these small families and children, John started to go up and in the attempt to serve larger number of people has joined to politics. Because of his passionate advocacy he had built all his life, he has able to earn the right amount of respect and wide recognition winning him a seat and defeating one incumbent Senator. This had represented the peak of his career where in this stance he had maximized his longing to serve and defend equal rights of all the people.

During the past decades, John had brought a positive stance with all of his advocacies. This had earned him the confidence to set his eyes at the White House. Backed up with tireless campaigning as well as ample money, he has a serious effort vying the highest seat. During all these times of campaigning and reaching out to people, he openly talks about his yearning to serve people of all walks of life. He had all advocacies which sprung up more attention from different sectors and politics.

His open talking about his living faith continues to insinuate his own way of serving people under the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has always believed that he has made Him happy from the little to big contributions he endowed to many other needy people especially on third world countries.

Apparently, John Edwards has been insinuating that God and his religious faith have affected all his decisions. His open talks and depth of his religious faith have rooted from all the trials and sufferings in his life. John and his wife, Elizabeth, have both claimed of uncertainties in life in the past years wherein there were circumstances which almost made them took less focus on their religious faith. But it was also on these times that their living faith has revived, only now that it is much stronger.

Now, even with rivals who are undoubtedly more powerful, John Edwards keeps optimism and faith to lead him into the shot at the White House. While only backed with supreme effort and sincere vows to take the lead, especially for the Americans, John Edwards will put forth more of his faith to sincerely believe of this advocacies which will put all people in equal rights.

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