Educational Based Marketing Tactics and Tips

If you hadn’t heard of educational based marketing before, you’re not alone. I’ve met hundreds of salespeople who had no idea there was new side of marketing that they haven’t explored yet. Oddly enough, most of these people don’t realize they’re experiencing educational based marketing. Every time they read a newspaper article, watch a paid advertisement, or attend a seminar they’re being exposed.

By now you’re wondering what methods of educational based marketing are available. There are certainly plenty to choose from, but I have a few favorites.

I love writing and sending regular newsletters. I usually accumulate tons of new information and use my articles as a way to share some of the things I’ve learned. I also answer general questions from clients and prospects, giving my readers some real life perspective. The newsletters go out via email to my subscribers, and I carry paper copies to give to those I meet at lectures and business events.

Develop a series of free educational materials. For example, someone who has picked up your newsletter might be encouraged to call your office to request additional information (perhaps a report or DVD). At that point, you’ll gather their contact information which you can later use to either send more information or to follow up with promotional materials.

Record a video or telephone call. People generally enjoy either visuals or things they can listen to while completing other tasks. Record an engaging video to post on the internet, or create a captivating phone recording that a Sales person or Manager can listen to as they prepare to meet prospects or address meetings. Make your educational material short and to the point.

Write a newspaper article. Write an informative article on a current hot topic and submit it to your local newspaper or trade magazine. Sharing information that is currently important to people, such as how to deal with rising gas prices or the economy, it’s much more likely to get attention than something that isn’t already a major focal point. Find an angle that makes it easy to relate your business to the topics at hand.

Always offer as much information as possible before you attempt to make a sale. Often, your prospects will see your contact information and visit your website to do some research of their own. In the end, you’ll spend more time answering calls asking for your services and less time trying to sell yourself!