Education ERP Software Administration Management Automation System

Education ERP Software Administration Management Automation System

The need of the hour for a complete Education Automation System is a robust internet / intranet based web application which helps Students, Teachers, Parents and School Administrative Staff to use their school data in such a way that accessing relevant reports and handling day to day processes are made easy. It lets the users to interact with basic operation & information of their schools seamlessly. It is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents & management. This Education Management education ERP Software very gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school management. The Educational Management Software being web based can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which enables the students, teachers, parents & the management be in touch with each other at all times.
Exams and Tests, Report Cards, Discipline, View/Take Attendance, Manage, Teach, Web Form filling, SMS, Chat/Video Conference, Bulk SMS, Students, Parents and even E-Library Management, Mass Email in a common interactive platform. Manage Students, all the entities of a school onto Discussion Forum, Homework Assignment. Any time student information Educational Software for schools has all these Education Management System Features.
What are the various Benefits in having robust solutions?
System architecture and integration allow all school data to reside in one database, eliminating the need to re-enter or synchronize data. Report cards and transcripts are automatically generated from grade books, eliminating manual keying and review by teachers. Email capabilities to parents provide schools significant expense savings or postage, printing and reproduction. Student performance analysis feature provides ability to analyze student academic performance by subject, class, gender, ethnic background, relative to standardized test scores, etc

Summarizing the Strategic Benefits:

1. It is powerful educational ERP software that can provide several strategic advantages to your schools. low Cost of Ownership.

2. Total Operational Automation: More Time to focus on Strategic Tasks.

3. One-Time Fee of the System.

4. Anywhere Availability Internet or Intranet with Automatic Synchronization.

5. Users: Students, Parents, Teachers and School Administrator have separate logins.

6. Manage multiple teachers, multiple subjects, multiple classes, and an unlimited number of students, all from a single login for your school.

7. Login: Accessed through a secure login, anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.

8. Unlimited Users: No limit on the number of Students.

9. Users can change their passwords and through this highly flexible Educational Administration Software, one can add or delete users as they wish.

10. Greater Security through Access Control: Different users view and use different certain menus.

11. Single Code Base: We constantly update and upgrade our system. Every time we add new functionality, all users benefit from it immediately.

12. Superior Support from a dedicated team of Developers and Support Staff: An active team of developers and support staff is available during business hours for any support or help. You can call us on a phone, Skype or Chat.

You need to look into all the features above to have a completely automated Management Education Software and to be one among the satisfied customers who are happy to have a solution which is a total value for money and a good return on investment option.